Sky Tavern Classic, Aug 16

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  1. is sky tavern as hard as peavine was this year? I’d like to race but not in great shape yet.

    what is the elevation gainloss for the 12 miles?

    thank you

  2. The courses are completely different. Peavine is a more wide open course with long uphills and downhills. Sky Tavern is more technical, narrow twisty single track with shorter but steeper climbs than Peavine. You’re also at a higher elevation and there are lots of trees.

  3. Sky Tavern is a bit more difficult than Peavine because the elevation is about 2000 ft higher than Peavine. Also, the climbs are steeper and a bit more technical. There is one section of the first climb (~100m) where many people have to dismount and walk. Each 6.1 mile lap gains 900 feet of elevation. The course is very fun to ride though once you get up the climb.

  4. I agree with Scott, Sky Tavern is more difficult than Peavine. The course is fun though, and the scenery is great. Try it out, it is a great race!

  5. Just a comment on the mountain bike race. Great course and great venue but was this a mountain bike race? No beer, no food, no fun and suprise surprise not many people? I felt like i was at a funeral or some required University PE class and i had to do the race to get credit. Its a shame because this has the potential to be Tahoe/Reno’s premier mountain bike event…the requirement is more marketing and more fun/festivities.

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