NCNCA District TT Championship

NCNCA District TT Championship
Sunday June 14.

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  1. Jonathan Sinclair says:


    I registered for the district TT yesterday and have a question to make sure I registered for the correct category. I am 34 years old until October 8, 2009 so I registered in the 30-34 age category. However, my racing age on my license is 35. If I am not allowed to race in the 30-34 age group please change me to the 35-39 age group.

    Thank you,
    Jonathan Sinclair

  2. Rob says:

    How much time roughly does it take to get from Truckee to the starting location?


  3. Jeff Angermann says:

    Allow 30-35′ from the intersection of 80 and 89N.

  4. Boris Sheikman says:

    What’s the course like? Is it 40k of ruler flat terrain? I assume it is open to auto traffic.

  5. john novitsky says:

    To Boris:
    Course is 20km out and 20km back. Might be 50′ difference between highest and lowest points on the course. Figure tailwind on the way out this year, and headwind coming back. Yes open to autos; maybe 3-4 will pass you over 40km.

  6. Gary German says:

    Where are the starting order/times?

    I haven’t found a link on this site, and have not yet received an email either.

  7. Kim Agur says:

    Good Morning,
    I’m registered for the District TT on Sunday, but having a hard time locating starting times.

  8. Pete Rissler says:

    Start times are now posted. It’s under the more info link above.

  9. Gary German says:

    We’re asked to bring a signed release form, but I can’t find a link to a release form on this site. Nor was one included in the confirmation email I received when I registered.

    If there’s a link, please post it. Thx.

  10. Gary German says:

    As for “ride all the way to the right or be DQ’ed” – WTF??

    I rode the course a couple of weeks ago and the first and last 10K is dreadful on the far right. The road seams are much worse on the right than they are in the middle of the road.

    With the low traffic volumes, the excellent sight lines, and California Vehicle Code section 21202 (which states cyclists may move left to avoid roadway hazards), I would think that riding in the middle on that 10K section would be both legal, and better for cyclist safety.

    Some of the road seams on the far right are deep and wide, and they come at you fast (every second or so). Requiring racing cyclists to negotiate that minefield of hazards is asking for trouble – flats or riders going down.

    Being DQ’ed when I’m to the right of the center line seems very bogus to me…and worthy of a protest.

    I’m not trying to be a dick about this, but the right side of that first 10K was just so awful that I can’t imagine requiring cyclists to ride there. The center still has the seams, but they’re not as deep or as wide there.

  11. soni poulsen says:

    It is tough–when you have cyclists racing in both directions it is very difficult for cars to pass if riders are in the center of the lane on both sides. So we need to be as courteous as possible.

    However, I haven’t seen the cracks this year but there have certainly been sections in the past that would be considered to be hazards to cyclists and I agree that we would be within our rights to avoid them.

  12. Pete Rissler says:

    USA Cycling Release Form is now linked. It’s below the Start Times link.

  13. Boris Sheikman says:

    Let’s do what we always do and that is to ride with courtesy, respect, and safety in mind. Gaining a few seconds at the cost of endangering your fellow rider or getting yourself booted isn’t worth it.

  14. Gary German says:


    It’s funny how pinning on a race number can really change your reality.

    After a scouting session a couple of weeks ago, I was pretty intimidated by the road seams on A-23.

    But during the race today, I barely noticed ‘em. :-)

  15. Thomas Preisler says:

    Do you post the results somewhere?

  16. Boris Sheikman says:

    This was my first time racing something like this and I thought it was great! Thanks to the Reno Wheelmen for a well organized and executed race.

    The road surface wasn’t too bad. I was more worried about all the lactic acid building up in my legs than the cracks in the road. Has anyone ridden up and down East Valley here in Minden? Now that’s a bumpy road no matter how far from the shoulder you ride.

  17. Paul Chuck says:

    Thanks to all who helped make this event possible every year. It is a fun weekend for my partner and I to get away for two days, have dinner in Truckee, and have 360 miles for boy talk and catching up on the children’s activities.

    Whoever was responsible for providing the break in the weather…I salute you!

    What expansion joints?

  18. john novitsky says:

    thanks for posting the results. Great work on delivering great racing weather.

    Was a new course record set on Sunday? It was a great ride by Mr Lyman.

  19. Jesse Antin says:

    Anyone seen any pictures posted? I know there were podium photos. Thanks.

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