Sierra Cup Series
Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look to find answers to our most frequently asked questions.  If you don’t find the answer here, then go ahead and e-mail

How do I qualify for Nationals?
The top 15 riders in each category at each race qualify for MTB Nationals.  If it is an “open” category (ex: Junior 10-14, Men 60+), they qualify to race at nationals in whatever category is listed on their license.  The first 5 races qualify for nationals this July, the last three events are qualifiers for 2013.  

Will I qualify for nationals with a one-day license?
You will qualify for Cat 2 and Cat 3, but you must purchase an annual racing license before registering for nationals.

Do the Super-D races qualify for nationals?
No, the nationals qualification process is only applicable to the cross country discipline.  That process is not required for the Super-D or Short Track at Nationals.  

Do I need to buy a USA Cycling license to race Cat 1?
Not necessarily.  To race at an individual race in the Sierra Cup Series, you may race Cat 1 on a one-day license($5), however you will not qualify for nationals or be eligible for the series championships.  For that race, you will race with the appropriate category and will be eligible for the race purse and medals, however riders without an annual license will be split from the Cat 1 field before results are sent in to USA Cycling.  

Registration says it’s open until 11pm and it’s 10:30 and it says it’s closed?  What gives?
The registration service we use is on eastern standard time.  There is a three hour difference.  Although it does list 11pm Eastern Time on the reg page, I try to refer to it everywhere else as 8pm Pacific Daylight Time.  Please sign up earlier to avoid this.  

I didn’t like lunch so I didn’t eat it, can I have a partial refund?
No. Seriously, No.  

Why don’t you have a category for (insert description here)?
Our categories are based on past attendance.  Although they do occasionally change based on need, they are carefully analyzed to provide a fair distribution of  distance and ability while keeping costs and time involvement reasonable for the promoter.  Very few people want to race in a category by themselves.  We do retain the right to combine categories with less than 5 to match national practices, but rarely do so.  

I couldn’t make a race I signed up for, can I get a refund or credit?
The Rockhopper, Pine Nut Cracker, and a Grange Classic are run by separate promoters.  Please check directly with them for information on refunds.  The remainder of the series events will offer credit for another series race if you pre-register and can’t make it and let us know beforehand.  Refunds will be granted for significant events out of your control(season ending injury, death in the family, etc.).

Why isn’t there food/a raffle included with the Super-D entry fee?
The Super-D races have on average a much lower attendance than the cross-country, so the permits and insurance costs are a larger percentage of the entry fee.  At Kirkwood and the Tahoe Fat Tire Festival it also covers the lift ticket which is a significant portion as well.  To keep the fees as low as possible, there are no “extras” for the Super-D races.   

Why is the entry fee less for the Women and Juniors?  
This is our way of encouraging these demographics to come out and race.  These are historically the lesser attended categories.  Their fee has been in some cases, less than our actual cost per rider to produce the event.  

Why don’t you discount the Super-D fees for Women and Juniors?
Reference the question above about why extras are not included with the Super-D races.  The margin is too tight, especially when we have to pay for lift tickets to offer a discount.  

Is the Super-D a mass start or interval starts?
Despite my affinity for the old school Le Mans style start for it’s entertainment value, all the Sierra Cup Super-D events will be interval start with at least 30 seconds between riders.  In most cases, it will be one minute intervals.  

I missed the awards ceremony, can you mail me my medal/pint glass?
No, we do not mail medals due to the time and costs involved.  Unclaimed medals are saved and brought to at least the next two events where they can be claimed.  

Can we do more/less laps for the (insert category here)?
In many cases, yes.  If the entire group wants a change from what was advertised, this can be requested and changed during the riders meeting.  The promoter reserves the right to make a change or deny a request based on course and weather conditions and/or rider safety.

What are the requirements to upgrade categories?
Per USA Cycling, riders can self select Cat 3 or Cat 2.  To upgrade to Cat 1, riders should have at a minimum 2 top 5 finishes in events with the minimum category size.  Cat 3 or Cat 2 riders must upgrade after 5 top 5 finishes in minimum category sizes.  Refer to 1D6. In the 2012 rulebook (page 27) for minimum class sizes for upgrade purposes.  Upgrade and downgrade requests can be done with the USAC Official at the race. (Note: this may not apply at other races outside of the Sierra Cup Series)

The classes at the LaGrange Sping Classic in Weaverville are different.  Which one should I sign up for?  
They are also part of another series as well hence the different category splits.  Sign up for the category that best fits you.  We will split the age groups in like distances to match Sierra Cup categories for purposes of series points.  

Is there a course map for (insert race here)?
Yes there is.  If it’s not posted, there is usually a reason behind it like a history of user conflicts in the area created by people trying to beat times before the race or an agreement with land managers to reduce said conflicts. In those cases, maps/routes will be posted a few days to a week before the event.  
When are results/series points/USAC rankings going to be posted?
In almost all cases, results will be posted to the Reno Wheelmen website by midnight the day of the event.  Every effort will be made to keep series point updated and results sent to USAC in a timely manner.  We have a volunteer who had agreed to do the Series Points this year so that should be a big help.  Depending on how busy USAC is will determine how long it takes them to enter the results into the national ranking system.

Are you stupid or something?
Highly likely.  If I was smart, I’d spend my money on a new carbon trail bike and my vacation time traveling to other cool places to ride.  But then we wouldn’t have all these events and the trail groups that we assist wouldn’t get a donation from the races.