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Stage 3 Results – Aircenter Criterium

A's     Place Bib #   1 130 Holdway, Jeremiah 2 102 Rennie, Josh 3 155 Herman, Micah 4 200 Rossi, Justin 5 145 Sweet, Dustin 6 126 Jacques, Michael 7 114 Boyle, Monte 8 123 Davis, Matt 9 112 Jagmin, Radek 10 173 Satterfield, Ian 11 151 Trujillo, Mark 12 118 Freed, Nate [...]

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Yester-Year Tech Talk

The Machines They Rode. In an era when there were nearly 3,100 different bike brands in the U.S. the c. 1900 Reno Wheelmen rode Racycle brand racing bikes nearly exclusively, made by the Miami Cycle & Mfg. Company of Middletown, OH.  Racycle was also the choice of noted racers around the country. Click the PDF [...]

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Twilight Stage Race Standings after 2 Stages – Updated

        Stage #1 Franktown TT Stage #2 Boca Road Race KOM Points KOM Points Total   Bib # Name Elegible Points Points #1 #2 Points A's                 1 102 Rennie, Josh Y                 90                 90           15           -           195 2 118 Freed, [...]

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Twilight Stage Race – Stage 1 Franktown TT Results – Updated

Great turnout tonight.  Many thanks go out to the crew that helped me out.  Claudio Ituragia, Jake Mestre, and JoAnne Banducci all helped to make tonights event a successful race.  New record set out at the course (I think) by Josh Rennie.  He turned a 16:24.  Conditions tonight were perfect, almost no wind at all [...]

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RW Trainer King Ryan – the Man Behind the Success

Behind every great team or champion there is a great Directeur Sportif—as Bruyneel is to Armstrong, or Guimard was to Hinault. King Ryan filled that bill for the early Reno Wheelmen. Today, Ryan would likely be called a Directeur Sportif, DS, manager, or coach, but in his day he was simply the “trainer.” Click the [...]

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A Simple Adjustment to Improve Pedaling Power

Ability to produce power anaerobically while cycling is arguably one of the most important aspects of success as a competitive cyclist.  Regardless of discipline it is safe to say that no competitive event is ever won without some anaerobic effort.  Of course, good anaerobic power production doesn’t come without hard work and training at the [...]

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Sierra Nevada HCTT Overall Results

As you can see most people didn't get in enough events to qualify.  All 4 races counted but you would still qualify for the overall if you did 3 events and one of them was Mt Rose.  Thanks to all those that participated.  Look forward to seeing you next year.  If you won a prize [...]

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Mount Rose TT Results

Overall             First Last Bib Total Gap 1 Paul Mach 412 0:58:00 0:00:00 2 Scott Ferguson 438 1:00:35 0:02:35 3 Eliot Drake 433 1:00:50 0:02:50 4 Jesse Rushing 416 1:01:31 0:03:31 5 Jason Walker 434 1:03:02 0:05:02 6 Chris Caroll 409 1:04:07 0:06:07 7 Craig Jones 418 1:04:40 0:06:40 8 [...]

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Art Keddie

July, 109 years ago, a couple dozen Reno Wheelmen packed up their bikes and together with 150 faithful supporters set off over the Sierra. Destination, Sacramento, to take on powerhouse Capital City Wheelmen for the Pacific Coast Championships. The format was simple. A 50-mile relay race. One rider at a time from each team, each [...]

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2009 Twilight Road Final Overall Standing

Here are the final standing in the twilight points series.   Bib # Name Category Points     A's     1 102 Rennie, Josh A         622 2 107 Rosser, Peter A         321 3 118 Freed, Nate A         309 4 131 Melcher, Bubba A         275 5 116 Barkley, Jim A         [...]

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July 28 Air Center Crit Results

Thanks to all that braved the weather on Tuesday.  We had to delay the start a short while until the wind and rain settled down but got things off to a good start.  Thanks to Bill Cline and Claudio Iturriaga for your help with registration and the C event allowing me to race.  Here are the [...]

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