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Metabolic Efficiency Testing — What is it and what can it do for you?

by Paige Galeoto Like many of you, I’ve been riding and competing for many years (sometimes at a national level, often with friends on the local single track). And like many of you I have been winging it, using my experience and knowledge to try and go faster and tire slower. Whether you are a [...]

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SNHCTT Mt. Rose Backside 6/27 Results

Sierra Nevada Hill Climb TT Series #2           Mt. Rose Backside                 27-Jun-10                   Conditions:     Calm, temperate -- perfect!           Mileage: 8.05   Race Weight:  6         [...]

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Peavine HC 6/10/10 Results

The Peavine Hillclimb was tonight.  30 riders.  Conditions weren't so bad, it was breezy and cool but it could have been a lot worse.  Dale Hodes was able to staff a lower start line for the C's and Juniors, so everybody was able to finish in a reasonable time.  The lower finish was 4.1 miles [...]

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Geiger HCTT Results 05-04-10

Photos by AlpenGlow Images Overall             Place Bib # Name Category Total Elapsed Time Mph Gap 1 136 Miller-Smith, Jesse A 30:08.31      15.33 00:00.00 2 132 Ferguson, Scot A 32:34.98      14.18 02:26.67 3 102 Rossi, Justin A 33:35.50      13.75 03:27.19 4 117 Timmerman, Chad A 34:15.88      [...]

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Franktown 04-13-10 Results

Overall Place Bib # Name Cat. Total Elapsed Time Mph Gap 1 102 Rossie, Justin A 16:55.50         27.47 00:00.00 2 101 Rennie, Josh A 17:03.89         27.25 00:08.39 3 117 Timmerman, Chad A 17:28.87         26.60 00:33.37 4 119 Angermann, Jeff A 17:38.28         26.36 00:42.78 5 108 Morris, Pete A 17:52.20         26.02 [...]

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Race Results Cold Springs 03-29-10

The turnout yesterday was great.  Last year we had a brief window in the middle of snow showers for our event and had a total of 16 people.  Yesterday we had 38 participants, more than I've had in several years.  Some very fast times were recorded and at least one whiner complaining about a 3/100th [...]

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The Trophies

With tremendous gratitude to the Nevada Historical Society, and especially the Curator for the Museum Artifact Collection Ms. Sherlyn Hayes-Zorn. The Reno Wheelmen were granted access to the trophy collection and provided a photo studio to document the trophies held at the museum. Not all trophies were photographed, but those below form as thorough a [...]

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Results Sagebrush CX 11/21/09

Race Results Reno Wheelmen Cyclocross Clayton Middle School 11/21/09                     Class Place  Time Number Name           Mens A           1 58:15:00 103 Noah Silverman   2 58:16:00 115 Monte Boyle   3 60:49:00 107 Justin Thomas   DNF [...]

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