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Check in will begin at approximately 5:30.  First rider off at 6:15.  Please do not park in the start area (West side of Old US395 just South of the entrance to Bowers Mansion Parking Lot).  Parking lot will be open until 8pm giving everyone plenty of time to do their event and get back before anything gets closed.

  1. Head South on US 395 from Reno to Washoe Valley. Exit onto Bowers Mansion Road (Old US395 or State Route 429) and travel South approximately 1.75 miles to Bowers Mansion Parking Lot. Early season the lot closes at 7pm so if your start time is before 6:30 you should be able to make it back if you hurry, otherwise park on the shoulder, late season lot closes at 8pm. Make sure that you are as far off the road as possible. Do not park in the first 30 yards or so south from the gate as this is the registration and event staging area. If you do you will be asked to move.
  2. Course heads South on Old US 395 to the Southern Intersection of Franktown Road and Old US395 (Approximately 4 Miles, DO NOT take the first Franktown Turn you come to or you will be riding the course backwards). After turning right on Franktown Road you will have a short climb and then the course will turn back north. The end to the course is shortly before you loop back to Old US 395.
  3. OBEY all traffic signs, primarily meaning the stop sign after you finish the event. The course is set up so that you will not cross any traffic controls during the event.
  4. DO NOT come back to the finish to find out your time, I will DQ you if you do so. Riders loitering around the finish make it hard for me to accurately score other riders and it causes a bottle neck on a narrow road, possibly putting other riders at hazard due to traffic.
  5. This course is open to traffic so please be courteous. There is a significant shoulder along Old US 395 so stay to the right as much as possible except as needed to pass.