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Welcome to the 3rd and last event of the Reno Wheelmen Summer Omnium, the Aircenter Criterium.  If you missed one or both of the first two events you are still welcome to come and participate.  Links for the current omnium standings will be posted here and on the Reno Wheelmen Facebook Page when they become available.

  1. On site registration/Pre-reg Check in will open by 5:00 and remain open until the start of the A Criterium.
  2. C's will start at 5:30 and run for 30 minutes. B's will start at approximately 6:00 and run for 40 minutes. A's will start at approximately 6:40 and run for 50 minutes.  Each group will get a 5 lap countdown to the finish.  All riders finish on the same lap as the leader.  These are time based events not distance.
  3. Warming up on course behind the C group while they are competing will not be allowed, A riders may sit behind the B group while they are participating but may not interfere or mix in with riders at the back of the B group.
  4. C and B riders may sit on the back of the next event at no cost provided they stay near the back of the group and do not interfere with that group during their event.  This is to allow those riders to see if they are capable of moving up to that group.
  5. Participants can only register in one category, racing two categories is not allowed during Non-USAC events.
  6. Results for each category will be posted at the event shortly after the finish of each event.