July 21 Boca Road Race Results

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July 21 Boca Road Race Results

Here are the Boca Road Race Results.  There was a crash in the C's on the way out.  I think everyone was not too hurt as they all got up on their own and didn't leave in an ambulance.  Please let me know how you are doing if you were involved.  Special thanks go out to Amber Broch for helping with registration, collecting the cones and sign at the turn, and for ferrying the crash victims back to the registration area.  Thanks also go to Jim Herzman for helping out with registration.  I would also like to thank all the participants for their patience as I had locked my keys in my car yesterday afternoon and didn't realize it until I was leaving work to head out to the race.  After a 45 minute delay waiting for AAA to show up to unlock my door I was on my way.

 And the winners are

PlaceBib #Name
1107Rosser, Peter
2172Taylor, Peter
3116Barkley, Jim
4147Ferguson, Scot
5182Reeder, Cale
6119Maestre, Jake
7179Byrom, Nate
8178Carroll, Chris
9118Freed, Nate
10106Walker, Jason
11130Holdway, Jeremiah
12114Boyle, Monte
13142Leland, Scott
14132Scott, Andrew
15133Ragains, Ben
16144Larsen, Matthew
17110Betonte, Gregg
18148Morris, Pete
19117Herzman, James
20143Dudley, CJ
21150Dixson, Dan
22120Schaffner, Nick
23123Davis, Matt
24157Burton, Grant
25180Sable, Art
26111Ream, Matt
27108Ley, Ryan
28173Satterfield, Ian
DNF141Miller-Smith, Jesse
KOM Points
1141Miller-Smith, Jesse
2147Ferguson, Scot
3182Reeder, Cale
4118Freed, Nate
KOM Cash
$15141Miller-Smith, Jesse
$10147Ferguson, Scot
$5182Reeder, Cale
PlaceBib #Name
1406Rossi, Justin
2307Waters, Scott
3410Thibodeau, Chris
4360Wallace, Brian
5149Fairman, Scott
6304Pearson, Nate
7318Bruemmer, Keegan
8394McMurtry, Kevin
9398Durfee, Travis
10382Sachse, Eric
11377Nash, Marcus
12326Brasher, Jeffrey
13372Nash, Katerina
14396Wexler, Ryan
15393Kalis, Rick
16375Goldsmith, Dan
17395Tieslau, Adrian
18403Brandt, Rob
19411Swain, John
20412Belisle, Dennis
21328Wolff, Robb
22308Gansert, Guy
23417Ruana, Nick
24325Placak, Rick
25362Day, Paul
26409Kinder, Kurt
27416Rogers, Jim
28400Meier, Brian
29363Sturgeon, Darron
30385Liebherr, Robby
31415Hindemer, Terry
32693Hevers, Keith
33346Hillstrom, John
34418Korth, Aaron
35329Miyashiro, Rick
36414Taylor, Peter
37331Atlan, Jean-Michel
KOM Points
1372Nash, Katerina
2406Rossi, Justin
3307Waters, Scott
4396Wexler, Ryan
KOM Cash
$15372Nash, Katerina
$10406Rossi, Justin
$5307Waters, Scott
PlaceBib #Name
1652Potts, Charles
2675Trafton, Samuel
3713McElroy, Tom
4712McElroy, Jordan
5629Shanafield, Margaret
6610Diseth, Alex
7677Murphy, Darren
8706Peterson, Kyle
9388Olson, Gordon
10708Juba, John
11711Toulouse, Tyler
12628Galeoto, Paige
13710Siwajian, Fabien
14709Piercy, Joe
15707Rowe, Coby
16657Harris, Matt
17686Corthell, Dave
18625Serr, Rhonda
19645Bell, Steve
20605Hart, Geoff
21606Schrupp, Maryann
22648Simanowski, Andreas
23691Calder, Kenny
24690Morrissey, Pat
25638Acerson, Teresa
26682Silva, Melissa
27604Kelly, Linda
DNF630Aguilera, Eric
DNF656Hunsberger, Kurt
DNF665Bellisle, Martha
DNF680Donovan, Allie
KOM Points
1675Trafton, Samuel
2713McElroy, Tom
3652Potts, Charles
4629Shanafield, Margaret
KOM Cash
$15675Trafton, Samuel
$10713McElroy, Tom
$5652Potts, Charles
KOM Cash - Women
$15629Shanafield, Margaret
$10628Galeoto, Paige
$5625Serr, Rhonda
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  1. Martha Bellisle 07/23/2009 at 3:05 pm

    We were traveling about 25 mph up the road just before the first short climb when a guy near the front crossed wheels with another rider, and then bounced off the rider next to him and went down. The guy behind him fell, and I was right behind him. I was forced into the rocks and dirt on the right side of the road. In all, I think about four riders crashed. Several had road rash, and minor bike damage.

    I ended up with several stitches in my elbow, but the greatest damage was to my bike. I had to replace the seat and seat post, and have a number of small repairs done. The total cost was about $250. Pretty pricey for a training race.
    This was a ridiculous, unnecessary crash. Please be more careful.

  2. Kurt Hunsberger 07/24/2009 at 11:33 am

    Crash was definitely unnecessary and scary. My lining in my helmet is cracked in two and my body and bike are trashed. Crash wasn’t caused by crossed wheels, but rather someone trying to pass in center of two narrow pacelines. As a rider tried to shoot a gap, he or she hit me from behind (his/her arm or shoulder smacked my butt/lower back), knocking me off balance and then off. Painful, painful experience.

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