June 18 Keystone Canyon Results

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June 18 Keystone Canyon Results

A small turnout as most were probably frolicking up in Truckee at the Tour de Nez, next year we should incorporate the twilight into a dirt crit on the street and join in the festivities!  Anyways, this was probably the nicest night so far up at the end of Hoge road, warm, and winds that could safely be classified as a gentle breeze (on steroids).  Another short track event, a 2+ mile lap that many said they liked. 


Next week (6/25) is the last race in the series!  End of Hoge Road, Reg opens at 6pm, race at 6:30.  Be there!!!  If there are ties in the points series, the finishing order at the last race will be used as the tie-breaker.  A spreadsheet of the current points leaders will circulate soon and be posted on www.renowheelmen.org



5 riders, 6 laps

1 Ben Ragains  1:00:05

2 Dustin Sweet  1:01:12

3 Chad Wilson  1:02:03

4 Matt Larsen  1:03:34



6 riders, 4 laps

1 Ryan Gini  42:45

2 Jason Erickson 43:03

3 Jeff Brasher 45:01

4 Jerry Carter  49:16

5 Jeremiah Higley 52:26

6 Monte Milner 52:58 (ss)



1 rider, 2 laps

1 Dale Hodes  32:43


Women A/B

2 riders, 4 laps

1 Amber Broch 44:15



3 riders, 2 laps

1 Blake Milner  30:30

2 Eric Sundell 30:40

3 Matt Barnes 31:00

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