June 23 Boca Road Race Results

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June 23 Boca Road Race Results

Apparently I am going to have to take some real time at the next event re-expaining the center line rule.  From what little I saw and what I heard was that there was a large number of violations including one rider that did the entire finishing sprint in the opposing lane during the B sprint.  I also had several riders that crossed over the cones on the corner to Stampede.  If I have to I will have a vehicle follow the group at the next event and DQ anyone that crosses the line.

As a recap, you will be DQ'd if you cross the centerline into the opposing lane for any reason other than to avoid colliding with another rider.  If that happens then you should immediately try to get back in the correct lane and you should at no time advance any places (of course if the rider you are avoiding colliding with is at a stop or slowing that can't be avoided).  Crossing the line to pass slower riders is not allowed.  Overcooking the corner on the stampede turn is unnecessary and you are endangering yourself and others by doing it.  Take the corner slow, you won't lose the race on that corner.  If I have repeat offenders I will suspend you from participating in our events if need be in order to get the message out.  I don't like being a dick about this but it is about safety first, if you are not going to ride safely then you are not going to ride at all.

Here are the results.  See you next week.


PlaceBib #Name
1118Freed, Nate
2102Rennie, Josh
3145Sweet, Dustin
4132Scott, Andrew
5141Miller-Smith, Jesse
6170McGovern, Chris
7130Holdway, Jeremiah
8112Jagmin, Radek
9148Morris, Pete
10117Herzman, James
11113Snover, Conrad
12169Hensley, Todd
13133Ragains, Ben
14107Rosser, Peter
15120Schaffner, Nick
16172Taylor, Peter
17171Reynolds, Rick
18149Fairman, Scott
19115Marshall, John
20143Dudley, CJ
21123Davis, Matt
KOM Cash
15141Miller-Smith, Jesse
10102Rennie, Josh
5130Holdway, Jeremiah
PlaceBib #Name
1341Koch, Devin
2349Hudson, Bill
3385Liebherr, Robby
4393Kalis, Rick
5395Tieslau, Adrian
6369Gonda, Doug
7375Goldsmith, Dan
8325Placak, Rick
9307Waters, Scott
10318Bruemmer, Keegan
11387Nadell, Mark
12333Rooker, Mike
13396Wexler, Ryan
14308Gansert, Guy
15121Lindsay, Paco
16397Beekler, Zack
17386Lefrancois, Mike
18364Hinds, Denver
19391Waichler, Scott
20329Miyashiro, Rick
21362Day, Paul
22303Mayne, Jude
23392Griffo, Chris
24319Niday, Peter
25390Lindberg, Craig
26374Campbell, Troy
27363Sturgeon, Darron
27310Kempler, Paul
29301Alber, Michael
30654Peddie, Chris
31356Diseth, Alex
32366Griffo, Danielle
33389Heiberger, Jerome
34365Hinds, Dustin
DQ384Potts, Charles
KOM Cash
15392Griffo, Chris
10393Kalis, Rick
5349Hudson, Bill
PlaceBib #Name
1344Brown, Dan
2681Thrasher, Carey
3644Milikien, Ben
4628Galeoto, Paige
5680Donovan, Allie
6678Hinge, Greg
7625Serr, Rhonda
8642Rodarte, Mike
9679Hinge, Lee
10683Eatinger, Justin
11659Brandt, Rob
12331Atlan, Jean-Michel
13630Aguilera, Eric
14684Burley, Dana
15637Corkill, Donald
16665Bellisle, Martha
17648Simanowski, Andreas
18645Bell, Steve
19659Brandt, Rob
20686Corthell, Dave
21687Mineiro, Joe
22685Hammond, Steve
23677Murphy, Darren
24636Morrissey, Pat
25682Silva, Melissa
26388Olson, Gordon
27604Kelly, Linda
KOM Cash
15644Milikien, Ben
10683Eatinger, Justin
5630Aguilera, Eric
KOM Cash - Women
10680Donovan, Allie
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