June 25 Keystone Canyon Results

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June 25 Keystone Canyon Results

Results from the final twilight tonight.  19 riders, perfect weather, beers-a-plenty, and yes, even after all this time in Upper Keystone, another different course with new singletrack. A 4.25 mile loop with about 600' of climbing.  It was rocky and flats were common.  Thanks to Monte for the Northstar passes to add to our prize pool, Danny for the beer, and Chad for cleaning up the course on his last lap.  Also, it should be noted that there were no centerline rule violations at tonights event!


Remember the Northstar Twilight series starts next Thursday night up at Northstar.  I am considering a second season mtb twilight series for about 4 weeks after the Northstar season ends in mid-august.  I got some good feedback tonight, but please let me know if that interests you.  If there is enough interest, we'll make it happen.


Attached is the final standings in the points series, Top 5 in each category will get some kind of prizes and there will be some cash for the A's. It won't be much as several nights' we barely covered the insurance and USFS fees, but there will be something for you.  It looks like we will do that at the RW end-of-season party in September. Details on that will be announced later.   


A's  (6 riders, 3 laps)

1 Jason Walker   1:06:09 (ss)

2 Dustin Sweet  1:08:29

3 Matt Larsen  1:09:15

4 Danny Knoll  1:16:42 (ss)

5 Chad Wilson 1:29:55


B's  (7 riders, 2 laps)

1 Jason Erickson 46:27

2 Stephen Berg 52:18 (ss)

3 Jerry Carter 55:31

4 Jeremiah Higley 57:43

5 Tyler Blodgett 1:00:01

6 Monte Milner 1:01:27 (ss)


C's (1 rider, 1 lap)

1 Mark Hodes 40:38


Women A/B  (2 riders, 2 laps)

1 Amber Broch 54:02

Paige- I have your water bottle


Juniors (3 riders, 1 lap)

1 Zach Cheney 33:10

2 Eric Sundell 33:18

3 Blake Milner 33:21


Thanks to all the riders who participated in the series!



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  1. Montie 06/26/2009 at 10:34 pm

    YES! to a second season after North Star…

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