May 7 Keystone Canyon Results

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May 7 Keystone Canyon Results

Results for the MTB twilight on 5/7/09


A's -10 riders, 15 miles

1st Jeff Angermann  1:03:34

2nd Dustin Sweet   1:05:05

3rd Ben Ragains  1:05:39

4th Monte Boyle  1:06:26

5th John Hurley  1:08:05

6th Chad Wilson 1:09:19

7th Matt Larsen  1:11:19

8th Don Morehouse  1:14:15

9th Danny Knoll 1:15:41  (SS)


B's- 20 riders, 10 miles

1st Ryan Gini  48:40

2nd Harry Stewart  48:58

3rd Andy Boren  50:00

4th Tony Albregts 50:23

5th Jason Erickson 51:19

6th Joe Martynaitis 52:06

7th Lucas Landau 52:09 (SS)

8th Jerry Carter 54:26

9th Eddie McDonald 54:13

10th Rick Placek 55:37

11th Monte Milner 55:38  (SS)

12th Dana Burley 56:48

13th Tyler Blodgett  56:55

14th Nate Sowle 58:51

15th Tobie Harrell 59:26

16th Aaron Korth 59:45

17th Darrell Soyars 1:00:23 (SS)

18th Eric Blodgett 1:04:21


C's - 2 riders, 5 miles

1st Randy Reigel  38:39

2nd Mark Hodes 42:53


Women A/B-  2 riders, 10 miles

Ist  Amber Broch  50:57

2nd  Teresa Acerson  58:30


Women C's - 1 rider, 5 miles

1st Jamie Clark  49:44


Juniors- 1 rider, 5 miles

1st Blake Milner 40:19


I should have a spreadsheet of the points series leaders up soon.  The night race had a lot of interest, but in the end, no takers.  Matt L. and I enjoyed a night ride anyways and picked up the course markings.  Next week will be same time, same place, look for a shorter counter clockwise loop.  Thanks for parking closer in to the event, it looked a lot better last night.  We need to be courteous to the Hoge road residents since we will be there a lot this year. 

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