Results Sagebrush CX 9/26/09

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Results Sagebrush CX 9/26/09

Hey All,

I want to thank everyone who came out and raced,

I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who came and helped
set up and tear down.

I didn't realize the manpower it took to make a race happen, thanks again.

Some very special thank you's as well:

Margaret Shanafield who handled Registration flawlessly

Mark McDaniel who drove all the way back to the shed from Stead to get more
cones, that was huge.

Shawn O'Mara for organizing last years series, im not sure you ever got a public
thank you, but its about time.

To Pete and Steve who handled the officiating, we wouldnt have been able to do it without you.

Bootleg Courier for Hosting a Black Sabbath pancake feed and bringing some
good energy to our races, thats exactly what we need.

The Hub Coffee Company for proving a big cooler of high quality coffee. Check them out their
coffee is great.

Reno Bike Project for being there to handle a handful of flat tires and brake adjustments.

To Matty and Raj for sticking around until the last cone was picked up and packed.

There were also some noteworthy performances:

Raj Crow for winning the SS race, way to go.

Chris McGovern for winning saturday in Reno and then spanking the field in Sac. on Sunday.

I also want to give it up for our ladies who raced, way to go.

(next time Marian, finish the race, there is prize money to the top three finishers.)

The next race is in two weeks, Oct  10 at Kirkwood with a race the following day in Sac.
I recommend going to Sac, between the flat courses and the elevation racing down there
seem just a little easier.


Reno Wheelman Sagebrush Cyclocross Series
Race #1 Stead, Nv

Womens B's
1397Megan Murray37:44:00
2399Amy Lapierre41:08:00
3398Kayla Bihler41:47:00
Men's C's
1309Martin Legarza32:25:00
2305Kent WallaceBicycle Warehouse32:29:00
3315Shawn Tuckett32:51:00
4307Robb Wolf33:05:00
5312Guy Gansert33:22:00
6303Mark Anderson33:42:00
7306Steve Collie34:07:00
8304Eric Blodgett39:29:00
310Montie milnerDNF
301Phillip GriffoDNF
308Pete RisslerDNF
311Brice SchoolroyDNF
Juniors >151302DJ Gopen40:58:00
2314Hank Gansert32:40:00-1
3313Glenn Gansert38:25:00-1
Men's B's
1213Brian WallaceBicycle Warehouse52:08:00
2216Rick Newberry56:46:00
3202Jeff Griffo58:09:00
4207Johhny DaggettReno Bike Project58:41:00
5214Marshall Liddle59:16:00
6206Brian Sparks54:40:00-1
7203Tyler Blodgett55:16:00-1
8209John Armbruster56:12:00-1
9210Brian Nakagawa57:47:00-1
10201Lyle Freeman62:28:00-1
215Wayne MackeyDNF
208Paul GuerraDNF
211Stewart ThompsonDNF
205Stephen BergDNF
204Harry StewartDNF
212Scott CarothersDNF
Women's A's
1503Margaret Shanafield54:06:00
2502Paige Galeoto54:18:00
3501Marian JamisonDNF
Open SS
1401Raj Crow54:45:00
2403Chad StrandBootleg Courier55:19:00
3404Mark McDaniel56:16:00
4402Shawn O'Mara57:56:00
5405Tim ConderBootleg Courier56:20:00-1
Men's A's 35+
1109Robert Braum56:41:00
2110Dave EastwoodBicycle Warehouse59:42:00
3112Thomas Fox60:56:00
4113Paul Tindal61:31:00
5108Matt LarsonStable Quiver57:03:00-1
6106James Herzman57:47:00-1
Men's A's
1104Chris McGovernHRS Rock Lobster55:08:00
2105Scott Wenning57:30:00
3111Scott Feguson62:04:00
4102Chris Lapierre63:14:00
5103Noah Silverman64:35:00
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