Sept 2 Air Center Crit Results

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Sept 2 Air Center Crit Results

Here are the aircenter results for the final event of the season.

Many thanks to the crew of lovely ladies and one gimpy guy that helped out at the race on Tuesday.  Darci, Heidi, Rhonda, and Steve did a great job, especially Darci and her cold hands ;-).

We had a great little group that attended the after race festivities.  Maybe next year we can fill that place up after one of the races.

I want to extend my thanks to all of you that helped out this year at the events.  And I want to that all of the racers that participated in these events.  You have helped make our twilight series the best around and it wouldn't be what it is without the dedication of the participants.  We had a fairly safe year, no ambulance calls (yay!), and only a few small incidents.

Thanks again and we will see you at the party or out on the road.

Oh, by the way I think the 3 guys pictured will be disqualified for so blatently lining up across the line prior to the start.  Gotta move up the results ladder somehow.


For Air Center Crit photos by Thomas Compton Click Here

PlaceBib #
1111Ream, Matt
2118Freed, Nate
3106Walker, Jason
4155Herman, Micah
5165Maalouf, Mel
6148Morris, Pete
7108Ley, Ryan
8145Sweet, Dustin
9147Ferguson, Scot
10200Rossi, Justin
11130Holdway, Jeremiah
12180Sable, Art
13117Herzman, James
14112Jagmin, Radek
15124Hahn, Dustin
16143Dudley, CJ
17105Weber, Reid
Prime #1$20 Cash
1102Rennie, Josh
Prime #2$20 Cash
1148Morris, Pete
Prime #3Powerbar
1118Freed, Nate
Prime #4Powerbar
1111Ream, Matt
Prime #5Walden's Card
1102Rennie, Josh
Prime #6Cash
15148Morris, Pete
10124Hahn, Dustin
5147Ferguson, Scot
Prime #7Powerbar
1108Ley, Ryan
PlaceBib #
1328Wolf, Robb
2417Ruana, Nick
3344Brown, Dan
4367Huntington, Andrew
5339Baxter, Ben
6323Griffo, Jeff
7152Warren, Dan
8310Kempler, Paul
9307Waters, Scott
10405Volkmar, Randy
11427Erickson, Jason
12423McIlravy, Brendan
13359Cooke, Steve
14318Bruemmer, Keegan
15419Winters, Frank
16320Bryant, Dave
17368Larson, Michael
18385Liebherr, Robby
19327Jackson, Garth
20418Korth, Aaron
21362Day, Paul
22301Alber, Michael
23714Schnelker, Steve
24715Sargent, Christopher
25430Lindsay, Paco
26434Paul, Rich
27329Miyashiro, Rick
28325Placak, Rick
29315Petrosky, Russ
Prime #1Powerbar
1434Paul, Rich
Prime #2Cash
15434Paul, Rich
10328Wolf, Robb
5423McIlravy, Brendan
Prime #3Powerbar
1714Schnelker, Steve
Prime #4Pizza
1152Warren, Dan
Prime #5Cash
15417Ruana, Nick
10427Erickson, Jason
5423McIlravy, Brendan
Prime #6Powerbar
1327Jackson, Garth
PlaceBib #
1388Olson, Gordon
2717Simons, Mark
3701Cashell, Pat
4734Sacchetti, Marcus
5686Corthell, Dave
6737Ingram, Eric
7693Hevers, Keith
8657Harris, Matt
9632Herman, Scott
10616McCollough, Rod
11713McElroy, Tom
12722Morton, Chris
13623Downing, Mark
14725Hayes, Jason
15618Bennett, Wayne
16712McElroy, Jordan
17611Curtis, Ken
18656Hunsberger, Kurt
19629Shanafield, Margaret
20625Serr, Rhonda
21729Ruana, Bruce
22690Morrissey, Pat
23732Baloe, Chuck
24606Schrupp, Maryann
25308Gansert, Guy
26628Galeoto, Paige
27733Schick, Scott
28650Anderson, Christine
29750Pasco, Robert
30735Nousiainen, Marja
Prime #1Powerbar
1750Pasco, Robert
Prime #2Cash
15388Olson, Gordon
10717Simons, Mark
5750Pasco, Robert
Prime #3Powerbar
1725Hayes, Jason
Prime #4Cash
15388Olson, Gordon
Prime #5Powerbar
1616McCollough, Rod
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