Hello all,

Thank you for your patience. First and foremost I would like to that my volunteers for putting this event on. Andy Boren, Margaret Shanafield, Cody Dean, and Mark Downing did a tremendous job in putting on the race.

A few things to get out of the way before the results.

Please try to use the bathrooms provided us at the WB Baseball & Softball Training Center located at the corner of Mira Loma and Longley. Dan Brown negotiated the use of their facilities in the past and they are still willing to help us out. If you happen to have a youngster involved in either Softball or Baseball and are looking to help them improve their skills please give them a look. This is the link to their website http://www.wb-baseballsoftball.com/

This weeks race will be another criterium. It will have the team challenge format, same as last years race. When you register you will be randomly assigned to a team and given a color swatch to pin to your sleeves. There will be several points sprints and then the final sprint for points which will determine the winning team. Winning team in each category will get a prize to split (prize still to be determined).

For those of you that would like to hear a couple of your fellow racers play some good music the band Mooseknuckle will be playing at Walden's Coffee Shop on Sunday 1-7.

Here are the results. I was provided with a fairly decent set of results from a crew that had not had the opportunity to pick a sprint finish. There were only a few gaps for which I pretty much received all of the answers for. Still no word on the 1st A Prime places that I am missing but I was able to get everything else pretty much to my satisfaction. Please make sure to properly wear you number each race in order to help the officials get accurate results. If you think you got shafted on a result this race it could quite likely be due to improper placement of your number. Especially do not fold down the edges of your number in order to make it smaller. It makes your number harder to read and it hides our sponsor.

Place Bib # Name
1 126 Adrian Hedderman
2 109 Bubba Melcher
3 108 Mark Trujillo
4 117 Ryan Ley
5 118 Micah Herman
6 134 Darin Olde
7 104 Nate Freed
8 135 Pete Santenello
Points #1    
1 135 Pete Santenello
2 106 Josh Rennie
Points #2    
1 106 Josh Rennie
2 112 Chad Timmerman
3 123 Joe Trujillo
4 127 Rachel Heal
$10 Cash Preme  
1 109 Bubba Melcher
$10 Cash Preme  
1 112 Chad Timmerman
Place Bib # Name
1 304 Jeff Pritchett
2 323 Scott Fairman
3 325 Steve Thomson
4 336 Adrian Tieslau
5 313 Keegan Bruemer
6 314 Doug Gonda
7 342 Dan Brown
8 340 Jeremiah Holdway
Points #1    
1 331 Eric Sachse
2 340 Jeremiah Holdway
3 325 Steve Thomson
4 324 Russ Petrosky
Points #2    
1 305 Robb Wolf
2 341 Anthony Kordonowy
3 340 Jeremiah Holdway
4 314 Doug Gonda
$10 Cash Preme  
1 340 Jeremiah Holdway
$10 Cash Preme  
1 323 Scott Fairman
Place Bib # Name
1 628 John Griffin
2 625 Calvin Smith
3 603 Marian Jamison
4 611 Douglas Haltom
5 635 John Buzzone
6 612 Jeremy Warren
7 615 Paige Galeoto
8 622 Scott Herman
Points #1    
1 603 Marian Jamison
2 633 Jim McKee
3 632 Steve Hammond
4 612 Jeremy Warren
Points #2    
1 633 Jim McKee
2 611 Douglas Haltom
3 603 Marian Jamison
4 630 Rick Miyashiro
$10 Cash Preme  
1 633 Jim McKee
$10 Cash Preme  
1 633 Jim McKee