Air Center Team Format Scratch Race
Conditions: Not Reported
Most Excellent Volunteers: Scott Phillips and Justin Clipperton, and our finish line spotters

Race tonight went off without a hitch. Most of the feedback about the format was favorable to very favorable, other than a couple riders who must have missed the two emails, 10 repeated explanations at sign in, and the announcement over the PA while the riders were lined up for each group and were surprised at the race length. Sorry guys, you were welcome to ride up a cat to try to qualify like several other riders did.

The 20 minute length for the qualifiers definitely sparked a very fast pace, especially in the "B" group, though Dan Keller was able t o take a flyer with 2 laps to go for the win.

The scratch race came down to the wire. With a 60 and 40 second advantage respectively for the C & B group (we timed out all the races to try to come up with fair time gaps), it was up to the A's to chase and they did, gobbling up the B group with 5 laps to go. The now bigger peloton had a few organizational hiccups while the C's were working to precision.

Things got tighter with two laps to go, as riders began to blow themselves up for the team. With one lap to go people were dropping right and left and at the line Paul Gallas sprinted to first for the C group, barely beating out an absolute gut buster by Steve Kauffman, who came in less than 7 seconds behind.

Of special note was Marian Jamison's strong pulls for the C group, and putting in a good ride to qualify with the guys.

"A" Qualifiers: (listed by finish position in the qualifying race)

Jim Herzman
Bubba Melcher
Jason Walker
Tyler Thompson
Steve Kauffman
Jim Barkley

"B" Qualifiers

Dan Keller
Dan Dixon
Joe Ly-tel
Paul Day
Dan Warren
Ryan Dixon

And your winners ("C" qualifiers):

Paul Gallas
Dave Fish
Matt Davis
Calvin Smith
Rodrigo Rubiano
Marian Jamison


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