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Twilight Road Race #12 - Boca Road Race
Results 7/22/03

Race Reports!

*If you have a correction to these results, please email me.
Sorry for any mistakes and let me know, Mike

Category C KOM
1. Chris Wentz
2. Kyle Smith
3. Richard Bulis
4. Alex Taylor
5. Bill Nagel

Category B KOM
1. Spencer Erickson
2. Nick Schaffner
3. Eric Sachse
4. Peter Taylor
5. Ryan Kish
Category A KOM
1. Dustin Sweet
2. Aaron Baker
3. Jeff Angerman
4. Jim Barkley
5. Rich Lorson

Category C Results
(27 entrants)

Category B Results
(30 entrants)

Category A Results
(22 entrants)

1.  Kyle Smith (Twilight Champion) 1.  Shawn Pearson (Twilight Champion) 1.  Kyle Dixon (Twilight Champion)
2.  Chris Wentz 2.  Peter Taylor 2.  Steve Kauffman
3.  Richard Bulis 3.  Ryan Kish 3.  Paul Gossi
4.  Bill Nagel 4.  David Blondfield 4.  Jim Barkley
5.  John Marshall 5.  Spencer Erickson 5.  Paul Gossi
6.  Joseph Little 6.  Eric Sachse 6.  Bill Daley
7.  Mike Henry 7.  Nick Schaffner 7.  Jason Walker
8.  Dan Brown 8.  Jim Rogers 8.  Stosh Bankston
9.  Charlie Apple 9.  Zach Violett 9.  Eric Rasmussen
10. Alex Taylor 10. Jon Whitehead 10. Dan Warren
11. Kristi Henne
12. Rick Hathaway
13. Torrey Carroll

Bonjour and all that.

We ended up having some great weather for last night's Boca RR - cool with
no wind, and just a hint of the possibility of lightning.perfect for racing!
I'll try and have the results up for all recent races with updated Twilight
Standings asap.but, I'm heading down to test the legs at the Alta Alpina
time trial tonite, so it may be Friday before it's all up and current.
Thanks a ton to Ross, Brandy, and Kathy Z for all the work while Jenny and I
were on vacation.

Last night we had Kyle Dixon win the A's in a long solo effort. Just behind
him there was a vicious 3 man sprint that was waaayyy too close to call.
Paul Gossi, Bill Daley, and Steve Kauffman were side by side in the closest
sprint I've seen in the twilights this year. I had to go with my instincts
on the call, giving Kauffman 2nd, Gossi 3rd, and Daley 4th - but, since it
was so close, and my eyes can't be trusted from the jetlag, I've decided to
give them all 2nd place points for the standings (it's good to be king).
Yes, it was that close.

In the B's, it was a furious field sprint with a recharged Shawn Pearson
taking the win by half a bike length. Shawn will recover the rest of this
week and head down with a lot of other local racers for this weekend's
EXCELLENT racing in Carson/Minden. I really hope that a lot of us can show
up and race hard at these events. The criterium on Saturday is excellent,
great for spectating and a blast to ride. I'll be out there mixing it up to
prep for Sunday's masters district road race. We all know how classic that
course is.come out and show off how competitive our local racing scene has
become! Details at

The C event was fast from the gun, a strong working group of 5 forging after
the KOM. Kyle Smith would take the win in a late solo move and with a bit of
tactical help from Bulis and Nagel - shutting down a very talented new rider
from the soCal region. Great race and really fun to watch.

So, this Thursday we have 2 events to choose from on the dirt. 6pm is the
Gold Ranch warm-up race. Go test out the course and have a good time. I'm
pretty sure it's free and it might even be a little cooler over
least you'll be close to some air conditioning.

Or, if you want to really go out and suffer.I'll be timing people up the
Gieger/Toll Road jeep trail. It's about 5 miles and only goes to the VC
Highlands. It's hard, but a fun ride. This won't be a Twilight Event and
will be, show up if you want to destroy yourself. We'll do a mass
start around 6:30'ish.

Directions: just take Toll Road out and park where the pavement ends. I'll
be there around 5:20pm.can't miss me.

Lastly, for anyone interested in the gory details - Jenny and I had a
wonderful time in France, climbing the big hills and eating more cheese than
recommended for human consumption. Trip stats? In 14 days Jenny rode around
740 miles with 63,000 feet of climbing. I had about 970 miles with 110,000
feet of climbing. Oh yeah, that was awesome. Didn't take too many pictures,
but should have some up relatively soon.and, you'll probably be forced to
read the occasional references to the trip as they're inserted in to race
reports or mega-phone announcements at the local races.

Anyway, great riding last night everyone and hope to see you later this week
or on the weekend. Next week, the big Air Center Crit showdown.can't wait!