The Reno Wheelmen
A cycling tradition since 1896
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- The Toll Road Hill Climb -

The course:
3.4 miles – start at fence line where Toll Road (sort of) ends…basically,
that big turn out where everyone parks. Finish – top of climb right at the
west end of the meadow at VC Highland.
Timer: Michael HurtNanDez

There were a brave few, hardy souls who showed up to set course records for
the “new” Toll Road Hillclimb. It turns out the distance is only about 3.4
miles and somewhere around 1400-1500ft in elevation gain…give or take a few
hundred. The conditions were just magnificent…what a beautiful night. After
starting the riders, I drove up to the finish (VC Highlands) and just sat
around absorbing the quiet and beauty. My reverie was disturbed by the
snorting beast, Spencer Erickson as he rushed up the final climb at me. Good
lord, that brother was motoring. Apparently he started a bit faster than he
might normally have because Joe Little had latched on to his wheel in the ¾
mile paved, flattish approach to the fire road climb. Always the competitor,
Spencer decided he would ramp it up and see just how long the little bugger
would hang on…how cruel.

So, the final tally goes as follows:

1. Spencer Erickson 26:41 (course record)
2. Paul Miers 30:35 (record for slacker CPA’s)
3. J-Michael Atlan 32:28 (record for guy’s who lie about their age)
4. Neil Crowley 32:54 (record for guy’s who complain about how bad roadies smell)
5. Jenny Frayer 36:29 (course record: cute women)
6. Joseph Little 37:33 (record for obnoxious juniors)
7. Tony Parenti 38:57 (record for guys who can’t drive a stickshift) 
8. Cliff Little 43:31 (record for guy’s who get their asses whooped by their sons)
9. Nicki Humphrey 49:12 (record for newbie chicks)

Nice riding, ya'll.