Hidden Valley 4/29/10

Here are results from MTB Twilight Race #1- Hidden Valley.  Remember to save your number plates, they are good for the series. Series passes for $40 are still available at http://www.bikereg.com/events/register.asp?eventid=10681

 Next race is Thursday 6:30pm, at Upper Keystone/Hoge Road.  Reg opens at 6pm.  Course will be determined that afternoon, but expect dirt and rocks and a dallop of sagebrush on the side.  The raffle stuff from last week will be given out at the race.  A new flier with the rescheduled race from two weeks ago will be posted soon.

 We have added Pinecrest Children’s Behavioral Health as a series sponsor!  Thanks to them and our other sponsors Black Rock Bicycles, Sierra Cyclesmith, Bicycle Bananas, Great Basin Bicycles, CytoMax, Velo Reno, High Sierra Cycling and Fitness, and Peloton Bicycles.  Please give them your business and thank them for supporting the twilight races.

A’s-5 laps

1st   Scott Leland  51:08

2nd  Monte Boyle  52:04

3rd  Matt Berg  53:56

4th  Jason Williams  54:20

5th  Jason Walker  55:50

6th  Scott Phillips  57:04

7th  Trevor DeRuise  58:19

8th  Danny Knoll  1:02:40

DNF  John Hurley

DNF  Ben Ragains

DNF  Jeff Angermann

B’s-3 laps

1  Paul Gossi  34:30

2  Jeff Brasher  35:10

3  Jim Barkley  35:27

4  Jason Erickson  36:30

5  Ben Crowley  36:40

6  Tim Walker  36:53

7  Jerry Carter  38:00

8  John Truex  38:05

9  George Grass  39:20

10  Lane Swall  40:13

11  Jeremiah Higley  40:28

12  Eric Blodgett  40:55

13  Monte Milner  42:04

DNF Tyler Blodgett

DNF Matt Westfield

Women A/B -3 laps

1  Amber Broch  37:17

2  Paige Galeoto  40:15

3  Teresa Acerson  41:21

4  Debrea Terwilliger  46:10

5  Carla Salzbrun  48:21

C’s - 2 laps (sorry, no times) 

1  Hunter Brasher

2  Steve Johnson

3  Irving Powers

4  John Werth

5  Mark Hodes

Women C

1 Anita Westfield


1  Erik Johnson

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