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We will have designated ride leaders leading a B and C group each Wednesday whenever possible. Faster riders may ride at their own pace without a ride leader as long as they follow the basic rules of safety and courtesy.

  1. Take note! These slower rides are not slow. B group averages ~18mph and C group averages ~15 or so on a hilly, windy route
  2. If no designated ride leader is able to make it to the ride, then riders are expected to find their own group and ride together, also following the basic rules of safety and courtesy
  3. Groups will leave within a couple minutes of each other

The groups with designated ride leaders will:

  1. Undergo a quick pre-ride spiel emphasizing riding together safely, including but not limited to:
    • Not killing each other, nor any pedestrians
    • Not attacking when it is not safe to do so; busy street crossings, stop signs, stop lights, and construction zones
    • Personal accountability
  2. Ride out to Verdi together in a double pace line at talking pace
  3. Re-group in three places.
    • Top of Mogul Hill at the bike bath on the way out
    • Verdi Elementary on the way out
    • Stop sign at Gold Ranch at the top of the hill heading back into town
  4. Not necessarily wait for anyone on the way back
    • Riders are expected to be able to find their own way back from Gold Ranch using the posted ride route and be able to perform basic bike repairs on the road.
    • Find the public route here on Strava

Scan the QR code or access the link to sign the electronic waiver. Only 1 signed waiver is required per rider PER SEASON.