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Twilight Road Series

Venue and race details below.

06/08/21Boca Time TrialResultsMerckx Style TT - No TT Bikes or Aero Bars
06/15/21Franktown TTResults
06/22/21Boca Road RaceResults
06/29/21Off Week
07/06/21Aircenter CriteriumResults
07/13/21Off Week
07/20/21Boca Road RaceResults
07/27/21Aircenter CriteriumRegistration
08/03/21Off WeekEvent moved to 08/17/21
08/10/21Aircenter CriteriumRegistration
08/17/21Geiger Hill Climb TTRegistration
08/24/21Franktown Time TrialRegistrationFall Omnium
08/25/21Boca Road RaceRegistrationFall Omnium
08/26/21Aircenter CriteriumRegistrationFall Omnium
08/31/21Aircenter CriteriumRegistration

General Information

1. The Reno Wheelmen Twilight Road Series is open to participants of all ages, sex, and skill level and participants need not be a member of the Reno Wheelmen. The only requirements are a bicycle, a helmet, and a desire to have fun in a safe and competitive environment.

2. At your first race you are required to fill out a release form. You will only have to fill this out once per year for the Road series. If you participate in the Mountain series you will need to fill one out for those events.

3. You will be issued a unique number. This number identifies you in my database and also identifies you to as to which category you participate in. If you lose or forget your number please inform the registration official and they will get you a replacement. I have duplicates of each number and you will be issued the same number to prevent you from being duplicated in the database and potentially losing out on some series point. If you decide to move up in category you must get a new number. DO NOT FOLD OR MUTILATE YOUR NUMBER. It has our sponsor on it and it makes it hard for me to pick you out on the camera. Here is a nice little link that details how to correctly pin your number (thanks Heidi) so that I have an easier time scoring.

4. Please race in the category that you are most competitive in. Moving back and forth between categories depending on the event is discouraged and it can be confusing for me to score. If you're going to race the A's in the criterium then race the A's in the road race too. Getting your ass handed to you in a harder category just makes you a better rider in the long run.

5. Sandbagging is also discouraged. If you are much too strong for your category it does you no good to remain there, even if you are just trying to win the series. Again, you will only get better if you continue to test yourself, and constantly winning in the lower categories is not a test. A percentage of your series points will transfer with you to your new category.

6. While these races are not USAC sanctioned they are held under the rules of USA Cycling. If field sizes are large enough they will count towards some of the experience required to upgrade your USAC license.

7. All courses with the exception of Reno-Fernley Raceway are open to traffic. Please be mindful of possible vehicles on the road and obey all laws (Especially the center line rule). Course marshals will be in place to ensure the safety of both the participants and any possible drivers on the course.


1. Race Entry Fees are $10.00 per person for Reno Wheelmen Members and $15.00 for non members. Women and Juniors pay the appropriate entry fee based upon membership status once and then can race the rest of the year at no cost.

2. When you pay your fee at registration you will be issued a ticket. Please fill out the ticket with your Name, Number, Racing Category and your Team Name (if you have one). This ticket must be turned in after filling it out. If I do not get the ticket back then your results for that day will be nullified.


Specific Race Information

All Registration is now online only via the Event Calendar

Click Here to go to the Calendar

Venue, Times, and Basic Course Information Remain the Same

For the most up to date information go the the Reno Wheelmen Facebook Page

or subscribe to the Reno Wheelmen Google Group Email List by scrolling to the bottom of

any page on the Wheelmen website and entering your email address.


Road Races

  1. Check in and/or number pick up will generally open by 5:15 and close just before the first group starts at 6:15.
  2. The first group will start at approximately 6:15. A's start first followed by the B's and then the C's. Groups are generally spaced far enough apart but can sometimes come together. At no time may a rider work with riders from another category.
  3. Please keep off the course near the finish line as it creates congestion and a possible hazardous situation for participants coming into the finish.

Time Trials

  1. Check in will open by 5:15 and close by 6:15. No day of registrations. (Weekend Time Trials will start registration at 9am and first rider will start at 10am)
  2. Start times are issued in order of registration. First to register, first to start, etc.
  3. DO NOT LOITER around the finish area to find out your time. I am usually busy trying to accurately get the times of the other riders while they finish. Not only do you provide a distraction to me, you create a safety hazard to those finishing in more than one way.
  4. Merckx Style TT is an event with no Aero Equipment Allowed, with the exception of wheels it would be the same bike and equipment you would use in a mass start event.  Wheels with a rim depth of more than 40mm, Aero Helmets, Aero Bars, and TT Specific Frames will incur a time penalty of 5 minutes.  Don't let that deter you though, if you only have a wheelset of more than 40mm then come out and participate.  People with aero equipment will have a not.


  1. Check in/Number pick up will open by 5:00 and remain open throughout the evening.
  2. C's will start at 5:30 and run for 30 minutes. B's will start at approximately 6:00 and run for 40 minutes. A's will start at approximately 6:40 and run for 50 minutes.
  3. There are times that we might get pressed for time and I will have to start the A group before the B's finish. If that is a possibility I will notify both groups. If the latter category has already been started please run your sprint out strait on the course instead of taking the first right hand turn after the finish line to avoid hindering the next group.
  4. Warming up on course while a group is competing will not be allowed, please bring a trainer or warm up off course..

Specific Course Information

(please click on hyperlinks below for course maps and locations)

Cold Springs Time Trial

  1. Head north on US 395 from Reno to exit 80, Whites Lake Parkway. Turn West over the overpass and park in the big lot at the intersection of the Frontage Road and Whites Lake Parkway. Please do not park right on the corner as that is the registration area.
  2. The course starts at the stop sign on the frontage road heading north. Take the frontage road alongside US 395 until you get to the intersection of the frontage road and Village Parkway. Turn right and head over the overpass. There is a stop sign on the East side of the overpass. This is usually manned but if it is not then all riders must stop at the sign. Continue to the intersection of Village Parkway and Whites Lake Parkway (the first actual right turn after crossing over the overpass). Whites Lake Parkway will take you back to the finish line. 1 Lap is approximately 7 miles long.
  3. For multiple lap events you will turn North on the frontage road and complete another lap or two.

Franktown Time Trial

  1. Head South on US 395 from Reno to Washoe Valley. Exit onto Bowers Mansion Road (Old US395 or State Route 429) and travel South approximately 1.75 miles to Bowers Mansion Parking Lot. Early season the lot closes at 7pm so if your start time is before 6:30 you should be able to make it back if you hurry, otherwise park on the shoulder, late season lot closes at 8pm. Make sure that you are as far off the road as possible. Do not park in the first 30 yards or so south from the gate as this is the registration and event staging area. If you do you will be asked to move.
  2. Course heads South on Old US 395 to the Southern Intersection of Franktown Road and Old US395 (Approximately 4 Miles, DO NOT take the first Franktown Turn you come to or you will be riding the course backwards). After turning right on Franktown Road you will have a short climb and then the course will turn back north. The end to the course is shortly before you loop back to Old US 395.
  3. OBEY all traffic signs, primarily meaning the stop sign after you finish the event. The course is set up so that you will not cross any traffic controls during the event.
  4. DO NOT come back to the finish to find out your time, I will DQ you if you do so. Riders loitering around the finish make it hard for me to accurately score other riders and it causes a bottle neck on a narrow road, possibly putting other riders at hazard due to traffic.
  5. This course is open to traffic so please be courteous. There is a significant shoulder along Old US 395 so stay to the right as much as possible except as needed to pass.

Aircenter Criterium

  1. Take US 395 to Moana Lane Exit (Exit #64) and head East on Moana Lane to Peckham Lane and turn left on Peckham Lane (East). Take Peckham Lane to Longley Lane and turn left on Longley Lane (North). Take Longley Lane to Mira Loma and turn left on Mira Loma and go one block to where Mira Loma dead ends into Aircenter Circle. Park in available parking in the business lots at the intersection. Please watch for cyclists.
  2. Course is a .75 mile loop ran clockwise consisting of Aircenter Circle and Turbo Circle. Course map is here.
  3. Course is open to traffic so please be mindful and aware at all times.
  4. Registration opens at 5:00 pm. C category starts at 5:30 pm and runs for 30 minutes. B Category starts at approximately 6:00 pm and runs for 40 minutes. A Category starts at approximately 6:40 pm and runs for 50 minutes. Riders may register up intil the start of their event.
  5. Warming up on course while an event is going on will not be allowed.  Please bring a trainer or warm up off course.
  6. Due to time constraints the next racing group will need to be started as soon as possible after the prior event is finished. If the events get behind schedule I may start one group while the prior one is still on the course. In order to clear the course as soon as possible and allow the next group to start without having the hazard of the prior group still being on course please finish your sprint by going straight on Aircenter Circle instead of turning right at the first corner.

Boca Road Race

  1. Take Interstate 80 East from Truckee or West from Reno to the Hirshdale Exit (Exit#194) and take CR894 to the Boca Dam parking lot. Park in the main lot or the two additional parking areas approximately 1/4 mile prior to the Dam or 1/4 mile after the Dam. If you park on the road please make sure your vehicle is completely off the road.
  2. Course is a 24 mile out and back course. Here is the course map. All categories do the same course.
  3. Course is open to traffic so please be mindful and aware at all times. Centerline Rule is in effect at all times. Anyone caught violating the centerline rule will be disqualified.
  4. Registration opens at 5:15 pm. A category starts at aproximately 6:15 followed shortly by the B category and then the C category.

Geiger Grade TT

  1. Take Interstate 580/US 395 South and take Exit 57B to South Virginia St Southbound. Turn Left (East) at the Mt Rose Hwy/Geiger Grade intersection with South Virginia St and travel approx 1.5 miles to the intersection of SR341 (Geiger Grade) and Kivitt Ln.
  2. Course is a 7.7 mile point to point event starting at the intersection of Kivett Ln and SR341. Here is the course map. All categories do the same course.
  3. Course is open to traffic so please be mindful and aware at all times. Centerline Rule is in effect at all times. Anyone caught violating the centerline rule will be disqualified.
  4. Do Not Warm Up on Geiger Grade in order to minimize the impact of the event on local traffic. Please bring a trainer or warm up on Toll Road.
  5. Registration opens at 5:15 pm. First rider off at 6:15 with 30 second intervals separating the participants.
  6. Please stay to the right of the cones at the summit finish, riders not entering the finish line chute may not get timed. Please avoid riding back through the finish area as it creates dangerous and unnecessary congestion.
04/23/19Franktown Time Trial*ResultsSeries Event
04/30/19Air Center CriteriumResults
05/07/19Boca ITTResultsMerckx Style TT
05/14/19Geiger Hill Climb TT*ResultsSeries Event
05/21/19Boca Road Race*ResultsSeries Event
05/28/19Aircenter CriteriumResults
06/04/19Cold Springs Time TrialResultsSpring Omnium
06/05/19Boca Road RaceResultsSpring Omnium Preliminary Results
06/06/19Air Center CriteriumResultsSpring Omnium Final Results
06/11/19Aircenter Criterium USACResultsUSAC Event
06/18/19Off Week
06/25/19Aircenter Criterium USACResultsUSAC Event
07/02/19Cold Springs Time TrialResultsTeam Time Trial
07/09/19Air Center CriteriumResults
07/16/19Boca Road Race*ResultsSeries Event
07/23/19Aircenter Criterium USACResultsUSAC Event Register
07/30/19Off WeekGo Ride Your Bike
08/06/19Aircenter Criterium*ResultsSeries Event Final Series Standings
08/13/19Franktown Time TrialResultsFall Omnium & Season TT Championship
08/14/19Boca Road RaceResultsFall Omnium
08/15/19Air Center CriteriumResultsFall Omnium Final Standings
08/20/19Boca Road RaceRoad Race Championship
08/27/19Air Center CriteriumSeason Crit Championship

04/17/18Franktown Time Trial*Results
Series Event
04/24/18Air Center CriteriumResults
05/01/18Boca Road RaceResultsMerckx Style TT
05/08/18Geiger Hill Climb TT*ResultsSeries Event
05/15/18Air Center Criterium*ResultsSeries Event (USAC Event)
05/22/18Boca Road RaceResults
05/29/18Off WeekFranktown moved to 06/12/18
06/05/18Cold Springs Time TrialResultsSpring Omnium
06/06/18Boca Road RaceResultsSpring Omnium Prelim Standings
06/07/18Air Center CriteriumSpring Omnium
06/12/18Franktown Road Race*Series Event
06/19/18Air Center Criterium*Series Event (USAC Event)
06/26/18Cold Springs Time TrialTeam Time Trial
07/03/18Air Center Criterium(USAC Event)
07/10/18Franktown Road Race*Series Event
07/17/18Off Week
07/24/18Air Center Criterium*Series Event
07/31/18Boca Road Race
08/07/18Franktown Time TrialFall Omnium & Season TT Championship
08/08/18Boca Road RaceFall Omnium
08/09/18Air Center CriteriumFall Omnium
08/14/18Franktown Time TrialSeason TT Championship
08/21/18Off week
08/28/18Air Center CriteriumSeason Crit Championship
909/04/18Bora Road RaceSeason Road Championship
04/18/17Franktown Time Trial*Results
Series Event  Photos
04/25/17Air Center CriteriumResults
05/02/17Boca Road RaceResultsMerckx Style TT
05/09/17Geiger Hill Climb TT*ResultsSeries Event
05/16/17Boca Road Race  Cancelled
05/23/17Air Center Criterium*ResultsSeries Event
05/30/17Boca Road Race*ResultsSeries Event
06/06/17Cold Springs Time TrialResults
06/07/17Boca Road RaceResults
06/08/17Air Center CriteriumResults Stage Race Final Results
06/13/17Off Week 
06/20/17Air Center Criterium*ResultsSeries Event Standings
06/27/17Cold Springs Time TrialResultsTeam Time Trial
07/04/17No Race 4th of July 
07/11/17Air Center CriteriumResults
07/18/17Boca Road Race*ResultsSeries Event
07/25/17Off Week
08/01/17Air Center Criterium*ResultsSeries Final Standings
08/08/17Boca Road RaceResults
08/15/17Franktown Time TrialResults Twilight Stage Race 1
08/16/17Boca Road RaceResultsTwilight Stage Prelim
08/17/17Air Center CriteriumResultsTwilight Stage Race Final
08/22/17Road Race TBDCancelledSeason RR Championship
08/29/17Air Center Criterium ResultsSeason Crit Championship
04/12/16Franktown Time Trial*Results Series Event
04/19/16Air Center CriteriumCancelled
04/26/16Boca Road RaceResults
05/03/16Geiger Hill Climb TT*Results  Series Event
05/10/16Boca Road RaceResults
05/17/16Air Center Criterium Cancelled
05/24/16Boca Road Race Rained Out
05/31/16Cold Springs Time TrialResults
06/01/16Boca Road RaceResults
06/02/16Air Center CriteriumResults Overall Standings
06/09/16Alta Alpina HostsInformation
06/14/16Air Center Criterium*Results Series Event
06/21/16Cold Springs Time Trial
06/28/16Boca Road Race*Results Series Event
07/05/16Air Center Criterium* Series Event
07/12/16Boca Road RaceResults
07/21/16Alta Alpina hosts
07/26/16Air Center Criterium*Results Series Event
08/02/16Boca Road Race*Results Series Event
08/09/16Air Center Criterium* Series Event
08/16/16Franktown Time Trial Results Twilight Stage Race 1
08/17/16Boca Road RaceResultsPrelim
08/18/16Air Center Criterium Twilight Stage Race 3
08/23/16Boca Road Race
08/30/16Air Center Criterium
03/29/15Cold Springs Time TrialResultsFree Weekend TT 10AM Start
04/14/15Franktown Time Trial*Results
04/21/15Aircenter CriteriumResults
04/28/15Boca Road RaceResults
05/05/15Geiger Hill Climb TT*Results
05/12/15Boca Road RaceResults
05/19/15Aircenter Criterium*Results
05/26/15Boca Road Race*Results
06/02/15Cold Springs Time TrialResultsUNR Stage Race #1
06/03/15Boca Road RaceResultsUNR Stage Race #2
06/04/15Aircenter CriteriumResultsUNR Stage Race #3 Overall Results
06/09/15Aircenter Criterium*Results
06/18/15Alta Alpina hosts
06/23/15Cold Springs Team Time TrialResults
06/30/15Boca Road RaceResults
07/07/15Aircenter Criterium*Results
07/14/15Boca Road RaceResults
07/23/15Alta Alpina hosts
07/28/15Aircenter CriteriumResults
08/04/15Boca Road Race*Results
08/11/15Aircenter Criterium*ResultsPoints Overall
08/18/15Franktown Time TrialResultsRW Stage Race #1 & TT Championship
08/19/15Boca Road RaceResultsRW Stage Race #2
08/20/15Aircenter CriteriumResultsRW Stage Race #3 Overall
08/25/15Boca Road RaceRW Road Race Championship
09/01/15Air Center CriteriumRW Criterium Championship
3/23/14Cold Springs Time Trial
4/8/14Franktown Time Trial *Results
4/15/14Air Center Criterium
4/22/14Boca Road RaceResults
4/29/14Geiger Hill Climb Time Trial *Results
5/6/14Fernley Circuit RaceResults
5/13/14Air Center Criterium *Results
5/20/14Boca Road Race *Cancelled
5/27/14Cold Springs Time Trial (UNR Stage Race – Stage 1)Results
5/28/14Boca Road Race (UNR Stage Race – Stage 2)Results
5/29/14Air Center Criterium (UNR Stage Race – Stage 3) (Final Standings)Results
6/3/14Fernley Circuit Race *Results
6/12/14(Alta Alpina)
Jun 17thCold Springs Team Time TrialResults
Jun 24thBoca Road Race
Jul 1stAir Center Criterium *
Jul 8thFernley Circuit RaceResults
Jul 15thAir Center Criterium
Jul 22ndRace Rescheduled to August 5th
Jul 29thAir Center Criterium *
Aug 5thBoca Road Race* Rescheduled to 08/19/14 due to rainRained Out
Aug 12thFranktown Time Trial (Twilight Stage Race – Stage 1)Results
Aug 13thBoca Road Race (Twilight Stage Race – Stage 2) Preliminary OverallResults
Aug 14thAir Center Criterium (Twilight Stage Race – Stage 3)
Aug 19thBoca Road Race
Aug 26thAir Center Criterium
* Twilight Points Series Events
Mar 24thCold Springs Time TrialResults
Apr 9thFranktown Time Trial *Results
Apr 16thAir Center CriteriumResults
Apr 23rdBoca Road RaceResults
Apr 30thGeiger Hill Climb Time Trial *Results
May 7thFernley Circuit Race
May 14thAir Center Criterium *Results
May 21stBoca Road Race *Results
May 28thCold Springs Time Trial (UNR Stage Race – Stage 1)Results
May 29thBoca Road Race (UNR Stage Race – Stage 2)Results
May 30thAir Center Criterium (UNR Stage Race – Stage 3)Results Final Standings
Jun 4thFernley Circuit Race *
Jun 13th(Alta Alpina)Link
Jun 18thCold Springs Team Time TrialResults
Jun 25thBoca Road Race
Jul 2ndAir Center Criterium *Results
Jul 9thFernley Circuit RaceResults
Jul 16thAir Center Criterium
Jul 25th(Alta Alpina)Link
Jul 30thAir Center Criterium *Results
Aug 6thBoca Road Race *
Aug 13thFranktown Time Trial (Twilight Stage Race – Stage 1)Results
Aug 14thBoca Road Race (Twilight Stage Race – Stage 2)Results
Aug 15thAir Center Criterium (Twilight Stage Race – Stage 3)
Aug 20thBoca Road RaceResults
Aug 27thAir Center Criterium
* Twilight Points Series Events
Mar 25thCold Springs TTResults
Apr 1stEagle Canyon Hill Climb TTResults
Apr 10thFranktown TTResults
Apr 17thAirCenter CritResults
Apr 24thBoca RRResults
May 1stAirCenter CritResults
May 8thFenley Circuit RaceResults
May 15thAircenter CritResults
May 22ndBoca RRResults
May 29thCold Springs TTResults
May 30thBoca RRResults
May 31stAircenter CritResults
Jun 5thFenley CircuitResults
Jun 14thAlta Alpine
Jun 19thCold Spings TTResults
Jun 26thBoca RRResults
Jul 3rdBoca Merckx Style TTResults
Jul 10thFenley Circuit
Jul 17thAircenter Crit
Jul 24thBoca RR
Jul 31stAircenter Crit
Aug 9thAlta Alpine
Aug 14thFranktown Stage Race TT
Aug 15thBoca Stage Race RR
Aug 16thAircenter Stage Race Crit
Aug 21stBoca RR
Aug 28thAir Center Crit
* Links will be updated as fliers are posted and online registration opens for each event.
* Links will be updated as fliers are posted and online registration opens for each event.
Apr 13thFranktownResults
May 4thGeiger HCTTResults
Jul 21stBoca Road RaceResults
Jul 28thAir Center CriteriumResults
Aug 1stTwilight Road FinalResults
Aug 4thFernley Road RaceResults
Aug 19thFranktown Time Trial (Twilight Road Race- Stage One)Results
Aug 20thBoca Road Race (Twilight Road Race- Stage Two)Results
Aug 21stAir Center Criterium (Twilight Road Race- Stage Three)Results
Aug 21stFinal Stage Race StandingsResults
Aug 25thBoca Road Race ChampionshipResults
Sep 2ndAir Center CriteriumResults
Mar 30thCold Springs Time TrialResults
Apr 8thCold Springs Time TrialResults
Apr 15thFranktown Time TrialResults
Apr 22ndAir Center CriteriumResults
Apr 29thBoca Road RaceResults
May 6thAir Center Criterium
May 13thFernley Road RaceResults
May 20thBoca Road Race
May 27thAir Center Criterium
Jun 3rdCold Springs Time TrialResults
Jun 17thAir Center Criterium
Jun 24thBoca Road RaceResults
Jul 1stAir Center Criterium
Jul 8thFernley Road Race
Mar 18thCold Springs Time TrialResults
Mar 25thGeiger Grade Time TrialResults
Apr 3rdCold Springs Time TrialResults
Apr 10thFranktown Time TrialResults
Apr 17thAir Center CriteriumResults
Apr 24thBoca Road RaceResults
May 1stAir Center CriteriumResults
May 8thFernley Road RaceResults
May 15thAir Center CriteriumResults
May 22ndGeiger Grade Time TrialResults
May 22ndBoca Road Race
Jun 5thCold Springs Time Trial
Jun 14thEagle Ridge Criterium
Jun 19thAir Center Criterium
Jun 26thBoca Road Race
Jul 3rdAir Center Criterium
Jul 10thBoca Road Race
Jul 17thFernley Road Race
Jul 24thAir Center Criterium
Jul 31stGeiger Time Trial
Franktown Time Trial
Boca Road Race
Air Center Criterium
Mar 19thCold Springs Time TrialResults
Mar 26thGeiger Grade Time TrialResults
Apr 4thCold Springs Time TrialResults
Apr 11thFranktown Time TrialResults
Apr 18thAir Center Crit Time TrialResults
Apr 25thBoca Road Race- rained out
May 2ndAir Center CritResults
May 9thBoca Road RaceResults
May 16thAir Center CritResults
May 23rdCold Springs Time TrialResults
May 30thBoca Road RaceResults
Jun 6thCold Springs Time TrialResults
Jun 14thDiamond Valley
Jun 20thAir Center CritResults
Jun 27thReno-Fernley RacewayResults
Jul 2ndMt. Rose Hill ClimbResults
Jul 11thAir Center CritResults
Jul 25thGeiger Grade Hill ClimbResults
Aug 1stAir Center CritResults
Aug 8thFranktown Time TrialResults
Aug 9thBoca Road RaceResults
Aug 10thAir Center CritResults
Aug 16thEast Valley CritResults
Apr 5thCold Springs TTResults
Apr 12thCold Springs TTResults
Apr 19thCold Springs TTResults
Apr 26thGeiger HCResults
May 3rdAir Center CritResults
May 17thBoca RRResults
May 18thDiamond Valley RRResults
May 24thAir Center CritResults
May 31stFranktown RRResults
Jun 7thCold Springs TTResults
Jun 14thAir Center CritResults
Jun 21stStage 1:Cold Springs TTResults
Jun 22ndStage 2:Boca RRResults
Jun 23rdStage 3:Air Center CritResults
Jun 21-23rdGC ResultsStage Results
Jun 28thGeiger HCResults
Jul 5thFranktown RRResults
Jul 12thAir Center Mini-CritResults
Jul 19thBoca RRResults
Jul 26thAir Center Team Format Scratch RaceResults
Aug 3rdEast Valley CritResults
Aug 9thBoca TTTResults
Aug 16thBoca RR ChampionshipsResults
Aug 23rdCold Springs TT ChampionshipsResults
Aug 30thAir Center Crit ChampionshipsResults
Apr 20Franktown ITTResults
Apr 27thGeiger TTResults
May 4thAir Center CritResults
May 11thAir Center CritResults
May 18thBoca RRResults
May 25thAir Center SprintsResults
Jun 1stCold Springs ITTResults
Jun 8thBoca Scratch RaceResults
Jun 15thAir Center CritResults
Jun 22-24thTwilight Stage RaceResults
Jun 29thMatterhorn RRResults
Jul 6thCold Springs TTTResults
Jul 13thBoca RRResults
Aug 3rdGeiger ITTResults
Aug 10thCriterium ChampionshipsResults
Aug 31stAir Center Crit
May 6thAir Center CritResults
May 13thBoca RRResults
May 20thAir Center CritResults
May 21stCold Springs TTResults
May 27thSparks Outlet CritResults
Jun 3rdSparks Outlet CritResults
Jun 10thBoca RRResults
Jun 17thGeiger Hill ClimbResults
Jul 1stBoca RRResults
Jul 8thSparks CritResults
Jul 22Boca RRResults
Jul 24thToll Road Hill ClimbResults
Jul 29thAir Center CritResults
Aug 2ndSky TavernResults
Aug 5thNorthStar CritResults
Aug 6thChallenge Series Finale
Aug 12thFranktown ITTResults
Aug 19thCold Springs ITTResults
Sep 23rdCold Springs ITT
Sep 30thGeiger ITTResults
Apr 30Franktown TTResults
May 7Air Center CritResults
May 14thBoca RRResults
May 21stAir Center CritResults
May 22ndCold Springs TTResults
May 28thRed Rock RRResults
Jun 4thDouble Diamond CritResults
Jun 11thBoca RRResults
Jun 19thFranktown TTResults
Jun 25thAir Center CritResults
Jun 26thCold Spring TTResults
Jul 2ndBoca RRResults
Jul 9thDouble Diamond CritResults
Jul 16thFranktown TTResults
Jul 23rdAir Center CritResults
Jul 24thGeiger GradeResults
Jul 30thRed Rock RRResults
Aug 6thBoca RRResults
Aug 13thCold Spring TTResults
Aug 27thAir Center CritResults
Overall SeriesOverall Results
May 2ndBoca RRResults
May 29thRed Rock RRResults
May 2ndBoca RRResults
May 9thAir Center CritResults
May 16thAir Center CritResults
May 23rdRed Rock RRResults
May 30thBoca RRResults
Jun 6thAir Center CritResults
Jun 13thFranktown RRResults
Jun 20thRed Rock RRResults
Jun 27thAir Center CritResults
Jul 11thBoca RRResults
May 18thRed RockResults
Jun 8thAir Center CritResults
Jun 15thRed RockResults
Jul 20thNorthStarResults
Jul 27thAir Center CritResults
Aug 3rdRed RockResults
Aug 10thAir Center CritResults
Aug 17thBoca RRResults
Aug 24thNorthStarResults
Mar 14thCold Springs TTResults
Apr 4thFranktown TTResults
Apr 18thFranktown TTResults
May 5thAir Center CritResults
May 12thFranktown RRResults
May 19thAir Center CritResults
May 26thBoca RRResults
Jun 2ndAir Center CritResults
Jun 16thRed Rock RRResults
Jun 23rdAir Center CritResults
Jun 30thBoca RRResults
Jul 7thAir Center CritResults
Jul 14thBoca RRResults
Jul 21stAir Center CritResults
Jul 28thBoca RRResults
Aug 11thAir Center CritResults
Aug 18thRed Rock RRResults
Aug 25thAir Center CritResults