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Reimbursement Policy

Reimbursement Form

Any Reno Wheelmen member in good standing can be reimbursed for up to 15 events (race or touring) each year at $30 per event. Reimbursement is tiered, with each tier requiring additional volunteering/service to the club. Tier 1 is 1-5 races, Tier 2 is 6-10 races, and Tier 3 is 11-15 races plus clothing allowance.

  • Race events must be professionally organized in order to be reimbursable. Road, Mountain Bike, Gravel and Cyclocross events are all eligible.
  • Professionally organized touring events (century rides, MS150, Death Ride, gran fondos etc.) are also reimbursable.
  • Events promoted by the Reno Wheelmen are not reimbursable (e.g. Twilight races, Peavine Challenge, Sagebrush CX).
  • Stage races can be counted as a single event, or each stage (excluding prologue) can be claimed individually, subject to the overall limit on the number of race events.
  • The amount per race will be reimbursed at a fixed rate regardless of the actual race entry fee paid.

Reimbursement Requirements and Eligibility

In order to be reimbursed for a given event, a rider must:

  • Wear a current-year club jersey during the event. Kits can be purchased anytime in our store.
  • Enter Reno Wheelmen as the Club/Team on the race entry form
  • Actually participate in the event and make every reasonable effort to complete it
  • All riders are strongly encouraged to post a picture of themselves from their races/events in the Reno Wheelmen kit using the following current sponsor’s hashtags:
  • If a member is not on social media, send the photo and information about the race/event to info@renowheelmen.com for posting on the Reno Wheelmen sites.

In order to qualify for any event reimbursement, the rider must:

  • Be a current club member (dues paid for year of reimbursement)
  • Work 1 Club event for each tier of reimbursement being requested (see volunteer opportunities), or serve in other capacities as approved by the board such as serving on the board, serving as race director, or other roles approved by the board.

Qualified club events are listed on the reimbursement request form. In general, any RW event that is held on a weekend qualifies as 1 event, and an event held on a weeknight qualifies as ½ an event. Volunteering for weekend Sagebrush CX races qualifies as 1 event, so long as the member did not receive a free entry to the CX race.

Clothing Allowance

Any member that rides at least 10 events and meets the reimbursement requirements for Tier 3 can claim a $100 clothing reimbursement.

General Reimbursement Details

Financial reimbursement will take place annually. Members should list events on the Reimbursement Request Form and submit to the club treasurer by December 31of each year for reimbursement by January 31 of the following year. Requests may be turned in early, but reimbursements will only be paid in January of each year. Members should indicate on the reimbursement request form that all eligibility requirements have been met and should list the duty performed to fulfill the club service requirement at each tier.

The total dollar amount paid by the club for reimbursement for any calendar year for all riders combined will be capped at $3,000. If valid reimbursement requests are received in excess of this cap, all reimbursements will be proportionally reduced so as not to exceed the cap.

Volunteer opportunities:

Peavine Challenge MTB race

Hidden Valley Short Track

Twilight Road Races

Twilight MTB races

Participate as a member of the Board of Directors

Serve as Race Director for Reno Wheelmen Races

Other services as approved by the Board