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Tuesday evening is the Boca Road Race, only one more opportunity to race on this beautiful course this year before the end of the season.  Details are below.

  1. Onsite Registration/Check in will generally open by 5:15 and close just before the first group starts at 6:15.
  2. The first group will start at approximately 6:15. A's start first followed by the B's and then the C's. Groups are generally spaced far enough apart but can sometimes come together. At no time may a rider work with riders from another category.
  3. Please do not return to the finish line after finishing as it creates congestion and a possible hazardous situation for participants coming into the finish.
  4. Riders are not allowed to cool down back out on the course, either ride across the dam or towards the Hirshdale exit.  Anyone going back out on the course after finishing risks disqualification.

Please note, center line rules will be strictly enforced.  We had several riders last week that paid no heed to the centerline rule.  This rule is for your safety and for our continued use of the course.  If the club has an incident on this course due to a rider crossing over the centerline we run the risk of losing the course for these events.  Please slow down for the right turn onto Stampede Dam Road.



Boca Road Race Cat A Public20.00 USD
Boca Road Race Cat B Public20.00 USD
Boca Road Race Cat C Public20.00 USD
Your payment receipt counts as proof of registration