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This Tuesday is our first Boca Road Race of the Season.  There will be points awarded to the top 8 finishers along with participation points awarded to the rest of the field.  Points towards the Twilight Points Series will also be awarded to the first 4 people over the KOM in each of the 3 categories along with a KOM cash prize to the top 3 in each category.

Please note, the USFS is performing a prescribed burn.  I inspected the course Sunday afternoon and the current burn area at that time is along the West side of the first climb and descent.  Smoke was being generated by smoldering piles.  If you are sensitive to smoke it may not be advisable to participate in the event.  I am estimating that the area in question will be mostly free of smoke by Tuesday and hopefully they will not have started a new section.  I will check the course conditions early Tuesday afternoon and report via email to the google group and to the Facebook page the conditions.  Any one pre-registering that decides not to attend will get their registration applied to another Wheelmen Twilight Event (Not applicable to USAC Twilight Events).

Here are the other pertinent details concerning the event.

  1. Check in and/or number pick up will generally open by 5:15 and close just before the first group starts at 6:15.
  2. The first group will start at approximately 6:15. A's start first followed by the B's and then the C's. Groups are generally spaced far enough apart but can sometimes come together. At no time may a rider work with riders from another category.
  3. Please keep off the course near the finish line as it creates congestion and a possible hazardous situation for participants coming into the finish.
  4. Course is a 24 mile out and back course. Here is the Boca Strava Segment map. All categories do the same course.
  5. Course is open to traffic so please be mindful and aware at all times. Centerline Rule is in effect at all times. Anyone caught violating the centerline rule will be disqualified
  6. Take Interstate 80 East from Truckee or West from Reno to the Hirshdale Exit (Exit#194) and take CR894 to the Boca Dam parking lot. Park in the main lot or the two additional parking areas approximately 1/4 mile prior to the Dam or 1/4 mile after the Dam. If you park on the road please make sure your vehicle is completely off the road.
  7. Participants should bring necessary items to repair flats, there is no sag vehicle during the event, but we will make sure everyone makes it back after the event has been scored.

Registration will be open until approximately 12pm on Tuesday the 14th.  After that participants may register at the event.


Online Registration is closed, you can still register at the event.

* Twilight Points Series Event