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  • Ideal for Racers looking for a recovery ride or Intermediate/Strong Beginners looking to develop group-riding skills and make new friends
  • More time to warm-up at the start of the ride
  • Riders are expected to carry their own equipment to perform minor bike repairs, but others are likely to help or wait for you
  • No set average speed, but averaging 15 mph on the Verdi loop is typical
  • Always waits for the group at the top of the Mogul Hill at the bike path entrance, at Verdi Elementary and typically at the Stop Sign at the Verdi turnaround on 4th Street
  • Tends to wait for all riders at multiple choke points, even outside the 2 standard “waiting places” in Mogul and Verdi
  • Great time to catch up with all your friends!
  • Often take equal turns pulling, frequently adjusting speed accordingly to offer everyone the safe opportunity to pull and draft in a pack
  • Less risk associated with slower speeds, increased caution and lower physical and mental stress levels

Scan the QR code with your Smartphone camera to access and sign your 2023 ride waiver, or follow the link here. Riders only have to sign the waiver once per season.