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About the Legacy

Welcome to The Legacy—the page that chronicles the history of the Reno Wheelmen. In

The Legacy we will document the origins of the club, highlight key achievements, and

introduce you to key figures in our past.

While many know the exploits of some of our most famous members—Greg LeMond and

Inga Thompson, for example—did you know the club was founded in 1896? As the 19th

century gave way to the 20th, the Reno Wheelmen boasted over 400 members, and that at a

time when the city's population was only about 4,000. Today, we have 120 members. We

have some catching up to do! The RW was the sporting and social center of the community.

At that glorious moment in the club's history the RW even had it's own clubhouse—Wheelmen

Hall—with weight room, swimming pool, social hall and more. It held concerts, dances and

even plays at the clubhouse. Did you know, the club even had its own band! Yes, like in

concert band with tubas and everything! Anybody have a middle-school trombone to dust


Now, the Legacy of the Reno Wheelmen. I hope you enjoy the coming series.

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  1. reno rambler 08/04/2009 at 11:03 am

    A photo of the wheelmen band

    and the wheelmen clubhouse

    I did some research at the NVHS and UNR’s Special Collections Dept. a few years back. Interesting that there were several other bicycle clubs in the area that predate the RW.

  2. Bill Cline 08/13/2009 at 9:30 am

    I am looking for anything anyone may have about King Ryan, or indeed, any other information on the early RW. Thanks to the Reno Rambler for his recent post on renowheelmen.org. Check out that photo
    gallery on Flickr—a sign of things to come in The Legacy. Also for all, please know that the photos that appear in The Legacy articles are with one time permission from the Nevada Historical Society, and are not to be reproduced or reused in any form. Thanks so much for your help and cooperation on that one. The NHS has been extremely helpful and we for sure want to abide their rules. Thanks!

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