April 21 Air Center Crit Results

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April 21 Air Center Crit Results

First off thank you to everyone that showed up on Tuesday.  The turnout was great and I want to thank everyone for their patience during the registration.  Future registration will go smoother, I promise.  Thank you to Bill Cline and Justin Thomas for their help in getting the registration taken care of.

A few C riders purchased tickets yesterday but did not turn them in.  Please remember that you need to turn in your ticket otherwise you won't be considered registered for the race.  I will be contacting those individuals as the opportunity presents itself.

We have our first bonehead move of the season.  B Rider Nate Pearson sprinted for the line on the next to the last lap instead of waiting for one more lap and then sat up as the group went by and he trailed in after the pack.  It's all a learning experience.

Here are the results.  I could not catch one B rider's number on the camera as it was positioned high on his back instead of on his side.  Please remember proper number positioning is very important if you want your results.

PlaceBib #Name
1131Melcher, Bubba
2102Rennie, Josh
3128Buckley, Michael
4118Freed, Nate
5110Betonte, Gregg
6125Tindal, Paul
7120Schaffner, Nick
8130Holdway, Jeremiah
9119Maestre, Jake
10101Timmerman, Chad
11116Barkley, Jim
12129Zellers, Norman
13114Boyle, Monte
14122Owens, William
15112Jagmin, Radek
16109Winters, Frank
17107Rosser, Peter
18106Walker, Jason
19113Snover, Conrad
20117Herzman, James
21124Hahn, Dustin
22123Davis, Matt
23103Thomsen, Steve
24126Jacques, Michael
25111Ream, Matt
26121Lindsay, Paco
27115Marshall, John
28108Ley, Ryan
29127Beltran, Michelle
30105Weber, Reid
Points #1
1131Melcher, Bubba
2128Buckley, Michael
3102Rennie, Josh
4118Freed, Nate
Points #2
1102Rennie, Josh
2131Melcher, Bubba
3128Buckley, Michael
4118Freed, Nate
Cash Preme
15102Rennie, Josh
10120Schaffner, Nick
5113Snover, Conrad
Cash Preme
15131Melcher, Bubba
10102Rennie, Josh
5128Buckley, Michael
Cash Preme - Field
15130Holdway, Jeremiah
10101Timmerman, Chad
5115Marshall, John
Powerbar Pack Preme
1107Rosser, Peter
Powerbar Drink Preme
1131Melcher, Bubba
Powerbar Pack Preme
1119Maestre, Jake
PlaceBib #Name
1338Dudley, CJ
2303Mayne, Jude
3314White, Matt
4316Hurley, John
5309Morris, Pete
6340Morehouse, Don
7334Albrecht, John
8311Winzeler, Scott
9313Buehler, Sean
10333Rooker, Mike
11335Leano, Edgar
12318Bruemmer, Keegan
13339Baxter, Ben
14324Buzzone, John
15344Brown, Dan
16325Placak, Rick
17331Atlan, Jean-Michel
18301Alber, Michael
19328Wolff, Robb
20330Fox, Bjorn
21337Moore, Doug
22308Gansert, Guy
23320Bryant, Dave
24323Griffo, Jeff


26329Miyashiro, Rick
27330Fox, Bjorn
28343Carothers, Scott
29327Jackson, Garth
30317Sullivan, Tom
31322Henry, Mark
32305Prentice, Todd
33312Kizis, Alexander
34342Haltom, Douglas
35341Koch, Devin
36319Niday, Peter
37304Pearson, Nate
38335Leano, Edgar
Points #1
1304Pearson, Nate
2309Morris, Pete
3308Gansert, Guy
4312Kizis, Alexander
Points #2
1327Jackson, Garth
2304Pearson, Nate
3338Dudley, CJ
4332Fox, Thomas
Cash Preme
15327Jackson, Garth
10309Morris, Pete
5338Dudley, CJ
Powerbar Pack Preme
1341Koch, Devin
Powerbar Drink Preme
1327Jackson, Garth
Powerbar Pack Preme
1327Jackson, Garth
PlaceBib #Name
1610Diseth, Alex
2630Aguilera, Eric
3629Shanafield, Margaret
4616McCollough, Rod
5635Smitherman, Jim
6618Bennett, Wayne
7601Page, Darci
8617Bigford, Bill
9611Curtis, Ken
10625Serr, Rhonda
11626Liebherr, Robby
12628Galeoto, Paige
13636Morrissey, Pat
14632Herman, Scott
15606Schrupp, Maryann
16620Blackhall, Steve
17619Fish, Dave
18634Smith, Andy
19621Marks, Steven
Points #1
1610Diseth, Alex
2618Bennett, Wayne
3629Shanafield, Margaret
4623Downing, Mark
Points #2
1610Diseth, Alex
2629Shanafield, Margaret
3617Bigford, Bill
4618Bennett, Wayne
Powerbar Pack Preme
1629Shanafield, Margaret
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