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Time Trials

  1. Registration will open by 5:15 and close by 6:15. Late registrants will be allowed. (Weekend Time Trials will start registration at 9am and first rider will start at 10am)
  2. Start times are issued in order of registration. First to register, first to start, etc.
  3. DO NOT LOITER around the finish area to find out your time. I am usually busy trying to accurately get the times of the other riders while they finish. Not only do you provide a distraction to me, you create a safety hazard to those finishing in more than one way.

General Information

  1. The Reno Wheelmen Twilight Road Series is open to participants of all ages, sex, and skill level and participants need not be a member of the Reno Wheelmen. The only requirements are a bicycle, a helmet, and a desire to have fun in a safe and competitive environment.
  2. At your first race you are required to fill out a release form. You will only have to fill this out once per year for the Road series. If you participate in the Mountain series you will need to fill one out for those events.
  3. You will be issued a unique number. This number identifies you in my database and also identifies you to as to which category you participate in. If you lose or forget your number please inform the registration official and they will get you a replacement. I have duplicates of each number and you will be issued the same number to prevent you from being duplicated in the database and potentially losing out on some series point. If you decide to move up in category you must get a new number. DO NOT FOLD OR MUTILATE YOUR NUMBER. It has our sponsor on it and it makes it hard for me to pick you out on the camera. Here is a nice little link that details how to correctly pin your number (thanks Heidi) so that I have an easier time scoring. http://westernpaofficials.webs.com/numberpinning.htm
  4. Please race in the category that you are most competitive in. Moving back and forth between categories depending on the event is discouraged and it can be confusing for me to score. If you're going to race the A's in the criterium then race the A's in the road race too. Getting your ass handed to you in a harder category just makes you a better rider in the long run.
  5. Sandbagging is also discouraged. If you are much too strong for your category it does you no good to remain there, even if you are just trying to win the series. Again, you will only get better if you continue to test yourself, and constantly winning in the lower categories is not a test. A percentage of your series points will transfer with you to your new category.
  6. While these races are not USAC sanctioned they are held under the rules of USA Cycling. If field sizes are large enough they will count towards some of the experience required to upgrade your USAC license.
  7. All courses with the exception of Reno-Fernley Raceway are open to traffic. Please be mindful of possible vehicles on the road and obey all laws (Especially the center line rule). Course marshals will be in place to ensure the safety of both the participants and any possible drivers on the course.


  1. Race Entry Fees are $10.00 per person for Reno Wheelmen Members and $15.00 for non members. Women and Juniors pay the appropriate entry fee based upon membership status once and then can race the rest of the year at no cost.
  2. When you pay your fee at registration you will be issued a ticket. Please fill out the ticket with your Name, Number, Racing Category and your Team Name (if you have one). This ticket must be turned in after filling it out. If I do not get the ticket back then your results for that day will be nullified.