Results Sagebrush CX 11/21/09

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Results Sagebrush CX 11/21/09

Race Results Reno Wheelmen Cyclocross Clayton Middle School 11/21/09
Mens A
158:15:00103Noah Silverman
258:16:00115Monte Boyle
360:49:00107Justin Thomas
DNF126Chad Strand
Mens A 35+
159:58:00124Dave Eastwood
262:45:00108Matty Larson
363:01:00340Mel Maalouf
463:36:00127James Herzman
50:00:00125John Albrecht
Single Speed
142:50:00146Shawn O'meara
245:20:00401Raj Crow
Mens B 35+
143:38:00143Paul Miers
245:12:00158Paul Gossi
346:31:00156Jim Barkley
447:01:00148Martin Legarza
547:24:00153Guy Gansert
60:00:00145Matt Sacut
70:00:00147Brice shoolroy
80:00:00217Ben Milliken
9DNF157Wayne Mackey
10DNF151Lyle Freeman
Mens B
141:26:00213Brian Wallace
243:17:00155Joe Martnaitis
344:11:00149Garth jackson
445:29:00160Kevin Joell
546:08:00154Stephen Berg
60:00:00150Brian Sparks
6DNF152Robb Wolf
7DNF159Erik Marejo
Women A
147:18:00341Marian jamison
2down 1316Paige Galeoto
3DNF171Kate Blake
Mens C
131:27:00233Pat Cashell
234:38:00227Tom Giller
336:51:00226Joey Coppa
Women B
132:40:00228Amber Broch
232:44:00232Teresa Acerson
136:50:00224Jacob Capra
238:02:00225Johnny Capra
3down 1229Glenn Gansert
4down 1230Hank Gansert
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  1. Lyle Freeman 11/26/2009 at 10:47 am

    I am not sure what the problem is, but I did finish the race on the same lap as those ahead of me. There were no laps on the time card when I finished. Why did I get a DNF?
    Otherwise a good race and a really fun course.

  2. Scott Herman 11/26/2009 at 2:17 pm

    What, no C’s 35+ results? My kids are going to think me a liar!!

  3. Noah 12/02/2009 at 11:50 am

    ill look into guys.


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