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5/15/13 at Whites Creek Results 2017-04-24T20:38:47-07:00

Results for MTB Twilight #3, 5/15/13 at Whites Creek.

Excellent turnout tonight of 78 registered riders.  Thank you for following

directions and parking at the Thomas Creek TH.  That relieved pressure on the Whites Creek area.  Thanks to our volunteers
Terry, Danny, Michael, Vince, Lauren, Doug and the guy that stepped up to course marshal but I never got his name.
164MA- Men's A0:43:05KyleDixonVeloReno
250MA- Men's A0:43:59TroyDeibert0
362MA- Men's A0:44:07jpdonovan0
452MA- Men's A0:46:35CurtisDuncanReno Wheelmen
559MA- Men's A0:47:13RyanIcanberryNorthstar/Giant
655MA- Men's A0:47:27StephenBergRide Giant - Ride Northstar
765MA- Men's A0:47:28SteveThomsenHub Coffee
856MA- Men's A0:48:33paulmiersReno Wheelmen
958MA- Men's A0:51:32NicholasConnollyWinning Move
1049MA- Men's A0:52:44JimKelley0
1101MB- Men's B0:46:08NelsonBedient0
2102MB- Men's B0:48:24DavidHarwin0
3137MB- Men's B0:48:37WyattFereday0
4122MB- Men's B0:49:08CraigManningTitus/DSP Racing
5104MB- Men's B0:49:22IanMeintjesGetReal
6143MB- Men's B0:49:31David BennyJones0
7126MB- Men's B0:49:36MichaelTewWelge Automotive
8123MB- Men's B0:51:08MichaelBotelho0
9132MB- Men's B0:51:09TylerToulouse0
10107MB- Men's B0:52:39BlakeMilnerReno Wheelmen
11145MB- Men's B0:52:58KyleSpector0
12113MB- Men's B0:54:00MikePickering0
13142MB- Men's B0:54:29KeeganBruemmerHub Coffee
14121MB- Men's B0:56:19EricBlodgettNorthern Sierra Endurance Training
15111MB- Men's B0:56:40EricFrudden0
16108MB- Men's B0:57:34MontieMilnerReno Wheelmen
17144MB- Men's B1:04:37JohnDoyle0
18120MB- Men's B1:07:51TerryVachonTAMBA
19125MB- Men's B1:12:32RobertWelgeWelge Automotive
1471MC- Men's C0:38:19JakeKersey0
2461MC- Men's C0:38:26MarkHolcomb0
3460MC- Men's C0:38:35StephenSprinkelSACRIFICE RACING
4485MC- Men's C0:40:28JohnFeeney0
5472MC- Men's C0:40:38PhilKanegsberg0
6463MC- Men's C0:43:28SteveRussell0
7468MC- Men's C0:44:26MarkHodes0
8462MC- Men's C0:46:19DaveDinius0
9459MC- Men's C0:47:13barydahlberg0
1313WA- Women's A/B0:54:43NaomiHaverlick0
2300WA- Women's A/B0:55:14MeghanKelleyIncline High School
3316WA- Women's A/B0:55:59ColleenWantyDolore Grotta
4315WA- Women's A/B0:57:38MariaDurazo0
5303WA- Women's A/B1:06:31TannaDeRuyterUniversity of Nevada, Reno
6302WA- Women's A/B1:10:45MichelleHunt0
1557WC- Women's C0:39:34CynthiaNovak0
2554WC- Women's C0:44:45DonnaYackle0
3558WC- Women's C0:45:49AmandaDunn0
4551WC- Women's C0:46:48SharonStephenson0
1974MG- SYCL Middle School Girls1:01:08HelenaRowe0
2956MG- SYCL Middle School Girls1:01:12MyaDixonRW-Get Real Nutrition
3997MG- SYCL Middle School Girls-1 lapLillyPrice-Skelly0
1993MS- SYCL Middle School Boys1:00:49SamOuzounianBig Swinging Cycles
2991MS- SYCL Middle School Boys1:00:53JacksonMiersGet Real/RW JUNIORS
3958MS- SYCL Middle School Boys1:00:57TimNovak0
5995MS- SYCL Middle School Boys1:01:02ColeOuzounian0
6962MS- SYCL Middle School Boys1:01:06AxelSorensen0
7959MS- SYCL Middle School Boys1:01:14NoahSorensen0
8996MS- SYCL Middle School Boys1:01:18JamesKelley0
9954MS- SYCL Middle School Boys1:01:20TorstonKanegsbergRW-Get Real Nutrition Junior Team
10994MS- SYCL Middle School Boys1:01:26EthanHodes0
1953JG- CYCL Junior Varsity Girls0:21:30AubreyMilnerReno Wheelmen
2957JG- CYCL Junior Varsity Girls0:21:45KateKelleyNorth Tahoe MS
1230JVB- SYCL Junior Varsity Boys0:33:24TateMeintjesGetReal
2229JVB- SYCL Junior Varsity Boys0:34:41AustinSmithGetReal Junior Team
3231JVB- SYCL Junior Varsity Boys0:34:58ZacharyWaymireRW-Get Real Nutrition Junior Team
4236JVB- SYCL Junior Varsity Boys0:37:07SamMcCainVirginia City
5234JVB- SYCL Junior Varsity Boys0:38:06ConnerNovak0
6238JVB- SYCL Junior Varsity Boys0:41:01JacobGreiner0
7990JVB- SYCL Junior Varsity Boys0:42:27PrestonWhiteRW-Get Real Nutrition Junior Team
1448VB- SYCL Varsity Boys0:40:40KameronDevineKnight Riders
2467VB- SYCL Varsity Boys0:45:47RyanWangKnight Riders
3465VB- SYCL Varsity Boys0:52:08WilliamRoserKnight Riders
4466VB- SYCL Varsity Boys1:01:07LucasBurrKnight Riders
Thanks to our MTB Twilight sponsors- Black Rock Bicycles, Sierra Cyclesmith, Great Basin Bicycles, Velo Reno, High Sierra Cycling and
Fitness, Buenos Grill, Eclipse Pizza and GalenaFest with the Bloody Rose MTB Hillclimb.  Join us at the Twilight series final on June 27 for
the series awards, a huge raffle from our sponsors, and free BBQ.