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Aircenter Criterium Results #1 (5-23)

Wow, what a great first Crit Race of the series! We started off with the C's hitting the gas from the get go, with Paulo Cividino going hard and never looking back. We closed the day out with arguable the greatest close of a race I've seen in the A division. Lucas Miers punched it [...]

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Cold Springs Time Trial #1 Results (5-16-2023)

Hello Racers! We had a solid turnout at Cold Springs this week and some pretty fast times. You'll find your results below. I tried to capture what style of bike each person was on, if I got it wrong, let me know. Note that as mentioned, we'll be running both standard TTs and MerckX categories, [...]

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Boca Road Race #1 Results (5-12-2023)

You came, you rode, you conquered! We had some challenging conditions this past Tuesday up at Boca Resvoir that included some rain, cold temps, and snow. We were able to slightly adjust the course to avoid the snow and racers were able to let loose on the course to open the Series and Season strong. [...]

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Aircenter Crit Championships Results 8-30-22

Thanks everyone for a great season, we a blazing fast night of racing with some of the fastest laps of the year! Below you'll find the results. There are a couple corrections needed, we had 2 x 306s in the B race and I have 2-3 riders that I didn't see in the finish videos. [...]

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Boca Road Race Championships 8-16-2022

Beautifully weird day of weather at Boca for our Road Race Championships! We had sun, we had rain, and everything in between. Every Category had an amazing sprint for the W and below you'll find your results:

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Boca Road Race – Day 2 of RP Summer Omnium (8-11-2022)

Wow, we had the biggest turnout of the year! This Boca had the tightest packs and finishes all year, and it was a nail biter the whole time. We had some video issues at the finish for the Bs, if you could take a look at the results and let us know where the unslotted [...]

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Franktown TT Results 8-9-2022

We had a huuuuge TT tonight over on Franktown with lots of fast times even with the heavy wind on the start! You'll find the results below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

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