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World-renowned frame builder and Reno cycling icon Roland Della Santa passes away

The cycling world and Reno community lost a legend with the passing of Roland Della Santa. The history of his contributions to both the local and broader cycling community is rich and deep and he will be missed by many. Roland inspired Greg Lemond's efforts to become a bike racer and built Greg's first bikes. [...]

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Silver Sage CX Training Program

Join Silver Sage Sports and Fitness Lab for hands on conditioning and skills practice for all levels of cyclocross racers. This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in checking out this fun sport, as well as those aiming to fine tune their fitness and skills.

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Metabolic Efficiency Testing — What is it and what can it do for you?

by Paige Galeoto Like many of you, I’ve been riding and competing for many years (sometimes at a national level, often with friends on the local single track). And like many of you I have been winging it, using my experience and knowledge to try and go faster and tire slower. Whether you are a [...]

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SNHCTT Mt. Rose Backside 6/27 Results

Sierra Nevada Hill Climb TT Series #2           Mt. Rose Backside                 27-Jun-10                   Conditions:     Calm, temperate -- perfect!           Mileage: 8.05   Race Weight:  6         [...]

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Peavine HC 6/10/10 Results

The Peavine Hillclimb was tonight.  30 riders.  Conditions weren't so bad, it was breezy and cool but it could have been a lot worse.  Dale Hodes was able to staff a lower start line for the C's and Juniors, so everybody was able to finish in a reasonable time.  The lower finish was 4.1 miles [...]

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Geiger HCTT Results 05-04-10

Photos by AlpenGlow Images Overall             Place Bib # Name Category Total Elapsed Time Mph Gap 1 136 Miller-Smith, Jesse A 30:08.31      15.33 00:00.00 2 132 Ferguson, Scot A 32:34.98      14.18 02:26.67 3 102 Rossi, Justin A 33:35.50      13.75 03:27.19 4 117 Timmerman, Chad A 34:15.88      [...]

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Franktown 04-13-10 Results

Overall Place Bib # Name Cat. Total Elapsed Time Mph Gap 1 102 Rossie, Justin A 16:55.50         27.47 00:00.00 2 101 Rennie, Josh A 17:03.89         27.25 00:08.39 3 117 Timmerman, Chad A 17:28.87         26.60 00:33.37 4 119 Angermann, Jeff A 17:38.28         26.36 00:42.78 5 108 Morris, Pete A 17:52.20         26.02 [...]

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Race Results Cold Springs 03-29-10

The turnout yesterday was great.  Last year we had a brief window in the middle of snow showers for our event and had a total of 16 people.  Yesterday we had 38 participants, more than I've had in several years.  Some very fast times were recorded and at least one whiner complaining about a 3/100th [...]

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