April 23 2009 Keystone Canyon Results

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April 23 2009 Keystone Canyon Results 2017-04-24T16:16:58-07:00

April 23 Keystone Canyon Results

MTB twilights #1

37 people braved the frigid wind to race tonight.   The course turned out to be a 3.5 mile lap.  Lap times ranged from about 16-30 minutes.  Next race is Thursday, May 7th at 6:30 pm at Keystone Canyon (Hoge Road entrance).  Save your number plates!


Men’s A 10 riders
1stJeff Angermann
2ndDustin Sweet
3rdJohn Hurley
4thDon Morehouse
5thEric Ronning
6thRyan Icanberry
7thNicholas Connolly
Men’s B15 riders
1stMark Henry
2ndRyan Gini
3rdMonte Sanford
4thAndy Boren
5thJeff Griffo
6thJeff Rowan
7thBenjamin Crowley
8thLucas Landau
9thBrett Barry
10thJerry Carter
11thMonte Milner
12thEric Blodgett
13thJack Taylor
Men C’s5 riders
1stJason Erickson
2ndChad Borino
3rdTim O’Connor
4thDale Hodes
Juniors3 riders
1stAustin Rauh
2ndJosh Rowan
3rdBlake Milner
Women A/B3 riders
1stAmber Broch
2ndPaige Galeoto
3rdTeresa Acerson