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Results Sagebrush CX 11/21/09

Race Results Reno Wheelmen Cyclocross Clayton Middle School 11/21/09                     Class Place  Time Number Name           Mens A           1 58:15:00 103 Noah Silverman   2 58:16:00 115 Monte Boyle   3 60:49:00 107 Justin Thomas   DNF [...]

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Results Sagebrush CX 11/07/09

Men's A's l                  Place # Name     1 114 Cameron Falconner   58.04 2 103 Noah Silverman   58.5 3 115 Monte Boyle   59.09 4 120 Kyle Dixon   59.53 5 108 Matty Larsen   101.26             117 John Albrecht [...]

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Results Sagebrush CX 10/10/09

Click here for photos. Alta Alpina - Kirkwood Cyclocross Results    NAME Time Place   Women's B       Julie Dietrich 34:01:00 1           Men's C       Jacob Capra 34:34:00 1   Johnny Capra 39:56:00 2           Men's C 35+       Brice [...]

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Results Sagebrush CX 9/26/09

Hey All, I want to thank everyone who came out and raced, I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who came and helped set up and tear down. I didn't realize the manpower it took to make a race happen, thanks again. Some very special thank you's as well: Margaret Shanafield who [...]

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Sept 2 Air Center Crit Results

Here are the aircenter results for the final event of the season.  Many thanks to the crew of lovely ladies and one gimpy guy that helped out at the race on Tuesday.  Darci, Heidi, Rhonda, and Steve did a great job, especially Darci and her cold hands ;-). We had a great little group that [...]

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Final Stage Race Standings

The entire table did not fit the web page so the points earned in the individual events aren't shown.  The entire table was sent out on the email list.  If you would like a copy of that email and are not on the list please contact me and I will forward it to you.  The [...]

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Stage 3 Results – Aircenter Criterium

A's     Place Bib #   1 130 Holdway, Jeremiah 2 102 Rennie, Josh 3 155 Herman, Micah 4 200 Rossi, Justin 5 145 Sweet, Dustin 6 126 Jacques, Michael 7 114 Boyle, Monte 8 123 Davis, Matt 9 112 Jagmin, Radek 10 173 Satterfield, Ian 11 151 Trujillo, Mark 12 118 Freed, Nate [...]

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Yester-Year Tech Talk

The Machines They Rode. In an era when there were nearly 3,100 different bike brands in the U.S. the c. 1900 Reno Wheelmen rode Racycle brand racing bikes nearly exclusively, made by the Miami Cycle & Mfg. Company of Middletown, OH.  Racycle was also the choice of noted racers around the country. Click the PDF [...]

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Twilight Stage Race Standings after 2 Stages – Updated

        Stage #1 Franktown TT Stage #2 Boca Road Race KOM Points KOM Points Total   Bib # Name Elegible Points Points #1 #2 Points A's                 1 102 Rennie, Josh Y                 90                 90           15           -           195 2 118 Freed, [...]

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