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Cold Springs Time Trial

  1. Head north on US 395 from Reno to exit 80, Whites Lake Parkway. Turn West over the overpass and park in the big lot at the intersection of the Frontage Road and Whites Lake Parkway. Please do not park right on the corner as that is the registration area.
  2. The course starts at the stop sign on the frontage road heading north. Take the frontage road alongside US 395 until you get to the intersection of the frontage road and Village Parkway. Turn right and head over the overpass. There is a stop sign on the East side of the overpass. This is usually manned but if it is not then all riders must stop at the sign. Continue to the intersection of Village Parkway and Whites Lake Parkway (the first actual right turn after crossing over the overpass). Whites Lake Parkway will take you back to the finish line. 1 Lap is approximately 7 miles long.
  3. For multiple lap events you will turn North on the frontage road and complete another lap or two.

Time Trials

  1. Registration will open by 5:15 and close by 6:15. Late registrants will be allowed. (Weekend Time Trials will start registration at 9am and first rider will start at 10am)
  2. Start times are issued in order of registration. First to register, first to start, etc.
  3. DO NOT LOITER around the finish area to find out your time. I am usually busy trying to accurately get the times of the other riders while they finish. Not only do you provide a distraction to me, you create a safety hazard to those finishing in more than one way.
  4. Merckx Style TT is an event with no Aero Equipment Allowed, with the exception of wheels it would be the same bike and equipment you would use in a mass start event.  Wheels with a rim depth of more than 40mm, Aero Helmets, Aero Bars, and TT Specific Frames will incur a time penalty of 5 minutes.  Don't let that deter you though, if you only have a wheelset of more than 40mm then come out and participate.  People with aero equipment will have a not.