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The Trophies

With tremendous gratitude to the Nevada Historical Society, and especially the Curator for the Museum Artifact Collection Ms. Sherlyn Hayes-Zorn. The Reno Wheelmen were granted access to the trophy collection and provided a photo studio to document the trophies held at the museum. Not all trophies were photographed, but those below form as thorough a [...]

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RW Trainer King Ryan – the Man Behind the Success

Behind every great team or champion there is a great Directeur Sportif—as Bruyneel is to Armstrong, or Guimard was to Hinault. King Ryan filled that bill for the early Reno Wheelmen. Today, Ryan would likely be called a Directeur Sportif, DS, manager, or coach, but in his day he was simply the “trainer.” Click the [...]

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About the Legacy

Welcome to The Legacy—the page that chronicles the history of the Reno Wheelmen. In The Legacy we will document the origins of the club, highlight key achievements, and introduce you to key figures in our past. While many know the exploits of some of our most famous members—Greg LeMond and Inga Thompson, for example—did you [...]

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