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 2019 Kits

You can order Reno Wheelmen kits anytime at the online store available through the Jakroo store link:

  • Order by the 1st, receive on the 15th, order by the 15th, receive by the 30th
  • To get a 20% discount off the listed prices courtesy of Jakroo Custom Apparel and the Reno Wheelmen, use coupon code RW2019
  • Jakroo has a guaranteed fit program that you can use if needed (see below). They will guarantee their sizing if you use their form. There is also sizing information listed on the website.

    Guaranteed Fit Service:  We encourage all customers to use our Guaranteed Fit Service.   Please use the link below, or share this link with your group to ensure ordering can be done in complete confidence.


    Please contact us if you have any questions or issues with the ordering process. Questions about the clothing itself can be directed to Michael Hernandez, our Jakroo rep: (925) 719.0488