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The Reno Wheelmen clothing store for 2021-22 is open.
Note: There are 2 pages of products, including women's specific MTB baggies and casual wear!
The initial order period includes a 40% discount off of the prices listed in the store — 20% courtesy of the Reno Wheelmen and 20% from Jakroo's sponsorship of our club. This discount period ends April 8. You must be a club member to qualify for the discount. After renewing, you will be sent a coupon code and additional ordering details.

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Roland Della Santa Commemorative Bottles

  • The Reno Wheelmen are honored that the Estate of Roland Della Santa has chosen to contribute to our organization. Roland was honored as a lifetime member of the Reno Wheelmen years ago and we are so grateful for his many contributions during his lifetime to the world cycling community. We have 100 of Roland's Specialized water bottles that the Estate has contributed to us in the request that we raise funds to support Wheelmen activities. A minimum $25 donation will get you one of these one-of-a-kind Specialized bottles. Choose a large or small. Some stock is available at Velo Reno and alternate pick up can be arranged by emailing